Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Spring in MO

Yesterday was super nice and I finally worked Jadeed a bit and tried the new halters on. They look great!

Today, it snowed...

More Camping, more sniffing

 This weekend we headed back to Oklahoma for an AKC trial.  This trial offered a lot of runs so was really a good deal.  Except that they were not real prepared to efficiently get all those runs done in a timely fashion.  So Saturday was a long day and Sunday we had to scratch some runs to get home at a decent hour. So we didn't really get many more runs than a regular weekend after all.  The other bad news was the camper had a leak so we had to use campground bathroom all weekend but it was pretty close so not a terrible deal.  And it's already fixed!

But the good news is that Epic totally crushed it at the trial.  He NQ'd his first run and then got 9 consecutive Qs!  He finished three titles including his overall Scent Work Advanced and also got a high in trial and several placements including two firsts.  We are still waiting on our cool HIT ribbon since they have to mail those.  I'm really proud of him, I think this was his best searching he has done and was really solid.  His sissy would be proud too.  MAlso we had a nice spot on the lake and enjoyed some nice views despite not great weather. 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

New foster Coda!

After a much needed break we have a new foster! Coda is a young, deaf....Aussie...stuff happens. Anyway, he needed a place to go after his owner moved away. He’s a great dog but is working on some crate and separation anxiety and basic obedience. He should be a great dog for the right person. 

In other news

Our student Umama is attending college in California and she came to stay with my parents for spring  break. We were able to spend a few days there and she got to come here and see all the changes to the house and meet her new “brothers”

We got these awesome halters for the boys. Sweets got a new collar and leash as well but I need to get a pic!

A few lovely, but non-action shots from the NW trial

The cats really love when we are doing anything with the camper. 

Maze also loves the fire 

Camping and Sniffing

We had another camping adventure last weekend.  This time to Columbia for AKC nose work.  It was a bit of an adventure getting to and into the campground but in the end the setting was worth it.  We may not go back since it is kind of a hassle and there is no dump site, but we enjoyed the weekend.  Epic had a decent trial.  He picked one Q in each class and finished his advanced interior title and got a few nice placements. Now that we are going to be home a bit more and the weather is warmer and more daylight we plan to get back to agility as well as hitting the nose work more.  Sweets too!

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Camping and Coursing

This was our big first weekend in the camper! We headed over to Oklahoma for lure coursing. We didn’t actually get to spend much time at the camper or the campsite. But it was nice and we enjoyed the new experience and everything went smoothly. 

As you see Epic was also fine with the experience. Plus he totally crushed it in coursing. He finished up his BCAT on the fast cat course plus some points towards the next level. 

He also got to run the much more challenging CAT course which is 600 yards in the open field with turns. He did amazing and finished his title in that class as well. We were supposed to run more fast cat this afternoon but he was so tired and the trials were running so long we decided to head out. He’s a much more heat sensitive dog than Legend and doesn’t always bounce right back from strenuous active in the warmer weather. He’s still pretty tired! Although he did run and play in the yard when we got home which I’m sure didn’t help. 

We did take a little walk at the campground before pulling out. 

Next weekend scentwork and more camping!

Coursing video!

Epic brags

On a whim I entered one day of obedience trials on my Friday off since it was local. It ended up being a cold rainy day anyway so might as well do something inside right? And while it was not pretty-well the heeling anyway, Epic did knock out both remaining legs of his CD with some upper 170s. Far from what he got in BN and I’m not shire what changed for him but at least it’s done. 

We also noticed the NADAC breed top ten lists were posted. I guess not many cattle dogs are running nadac (honestly I don’t see a lot of cattle dogs at any sport we attend anywhere) because even with the limited elite runs we had last year we made a few lists! Gunning for some number one spots this year!


Our wobbly cat Dizzy finally got stepped on by a horse. We knew it had to happen eventually. Fortunately she just got clipped and only tore some skin. I sewed her up on the kitchen floor like any good vet mom would do. She’s doing great and healing well!