Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The old man

He hadn't driven his car in four months.  The journey from the parking lot to the lobby was a struggle.  But his dog had an appointment that day, and that was what mattered.  "Maggie" was a spunky 12 year old, overweight terrier mix.  It seems she had a few cumbersome growths he was concerned about.  Although likely benign, they posed the threat of interfering with her comfort and mobility.  The old man would like to have them removed, if it didn't cost too much, and if Maggie could handle the surgery.  Then, with tears in his eyes he relayed to us how his wife of 71 years had recently passed away and Maggie was all he had left.  

Fighting back tears of our own, we assembled an estimate generously on the low side.  He had a lot of questions, and it took him a few weeks to come up with the money but he arrived today for Maggie's surgery as planned.  This time he needed his walker to get to the building.  As usual, he chose the seat closest to the door and we attended to him at his seat.  He waited while we ran some blood tests, to make sure Maggie was healthy enough for surgery.  It took many assurances that we would take good care of her, and an equal amount of promises to call as soon as surgery was over and he made his way back to the car.  Where he sat and cried for several minutes before heading home.  

I'm happy to report thatMaggie's surgery went very well.  Both of her tumors were successfully removed and she was bright and alert in no time.  We made sure to fit all her medications and costs into the promised estimate even if it took some adjusting.  

When they called to let Maggie's owner know she was awake, he cried again.  But this time tears of relief and happiness.  


Karissa said...

After some of the crazy if not depressing stuff you share, it's nice to hear a touching story. I'm happy for this man and hope the old girl stays with him a good long while. You guys rock for being so compassionate and helpful when he needed it most.

Kim said...

What a lovely story...thanks for the happy tears :)

Sara said...

Oh man. I hope they are together for a long time.

tervnmal said...

That makes up for the crap days.