Monday, September 24, 2007

I know you've all been waiting....

For this slightly fuzzy picture of our new landscaping lights at night.

Also here is a picture of our knock-out roses gone crazy.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lights, paint, etc.

Since we had the roof done we decided to go ahead and replace some of our gross looking outdoor lighting. We ripped out the cheap looking Malibu lights and replaced them with these cute lantern lights (which came in about 14 pieces that had to be assembled) and also replaced our front and back door lights. Since we replaced the lights we decided that the outside door frames needed to be painted and then that some of the outside doors themselves needed to be painted as well. I am not sure why it is that even though we bought a newer, nicer, larger house we still seem to be doing a lot of work on it and wishing we had more space in it!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rare feline footage!

Here is a rare picture of Jelly and Icy together. Usually they don't hang out together at all. If you see them together it's usually because Icy is stalking or pouncing on Jelly. So although they do wrestle and play sometimes we are not sure how fond Jelly is of her new sister. However she has never hurt Icy and does seem tolerant of these random attacks to I guess that's all we can hope for.
And here is Barney pretending to be a mighty jungle cat!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Here are some pictures of the horeses I took the other day. I tried to get them with a nice background of our pasture (which has a ton of nice green grass for this time of year!) but they were not always very helpful. I'm thinking I might actually ride today since it's not too hot, too cold or too wet and I'm not too tired or too busy!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The boys are ready....

For some football!!
Zodiac can't seem to pose for a photo without some kind of sports equipment in his mouth!

Here you can see that age is apparently not a factor in tugging!
Legend and Oreo have both decided that red frisbee is their favorite toy now.

And Legend is ready for football and agility and frisbee and
swimming and....and....and.....(you get the point!)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another cute Icy picture

Here is another picture of Icy enjoying her hammock-which is her favorite hobby when she isn't causing trouble or snuggling.

On another positive note Oreo's bloodwork from this week has improved since being on the new food and special medicine. However he finds the new food rather unimpressive now and has to be convinced that is really is ok to eat it. He would prefer to just eat treats and snacks all day.

For those of you interested in dog training milestones Legend can now retrieve a dumbell on command! Zodiac is still plugging away learning the utility exercises-scent discrimination is his nemesis. Oreo picked up on it so fast it's kind of a bummer that we are still working on it with Zodiac. But he's a smart dog and I'm sure he will get it eventually. Also earlier this week Legend did 11 out of 12 weave poles without help-but since then has slipped only being able to do about 4 or 5 before needing to be reminded that she has to finish all of them-in order!

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Here is a picture of our new roof. This may not be that exciting for most of you but for all the money we spent on it I thought I should share it.

It has been raining here for days. We actually lost power at work for an hour or two this morning. It brought back scary ice storm memories when we were out of power for 11 days.

And everyone remember to vaccinate your puppies-I have seen 2 cases of possible Distemper this year which is relatively unusual now that vaccines are so common. The first puppy died, we are hoping the second one survives, she has been through so much already.