Thursday, April 10, 2014

Random veterinary musings

Your dog didn't not grow hair for 2 years because it was so stressed out by the groomer. It didn't grow hair for two years because you are not supposed to shave Pomeranians. 

Your dog does not have separation anxiety if she does better when you are not present. 

The importance of dental care for your pet's rotting teeth overrides the fact that it will not like staying in the clinic all day. 

Puppies are a preventable phenomenon. 

Aspirin is not a remedy for diarrhea. 

Charging a lot of money for puppies does not guarantee them a good home. 

Paying a lot of money for a puppy does not guarantee quality. 

Nor do papers. 

Because she is "cute" or "sweet" is not an acceptable reason for breeding your dog. Especially a mutt. 

If you paid money for a mixed breed dog from a "breeder" don't you think they should be able to tell you what it is? 

If your dog "never" goes outside how did it get here? And yes, a mosquito could bite your dog in the parking lot. 

I don't know why your dog is losing weight, that's why we need to do the bloodwork. 

The ailment, whatever it is, is not likely to be caused by worms. Especially if your dog is 12 years old. 

Just because your dog is unsocial, shy, aggressive, or poorly behaved does not mean it was abused.  Usually it just means your dog is unsocial, shy, aggressive or poorly behaved. Do something about it. 

Dogs are not born knowing how to politely have their nails trimmed. The reason you "can't do it at home" is because you didn't train them to accept this. Also, it's not because they were abused. 

Bonus musing...not veterinary related...
Why do you think it's ok for your dog to poop in my yard? Would you like it if I pooped in your yard? If not, I suggest you get a fence. 

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Sara said...

oh my....people really should have to take a test before they can have a pet (and children too!)