Thursday, March 22, 2012

More of why

I need to come home and bang my head on the wall.

Middle aged toy breed dog presents for dental.  Horrific dental disease present and he loses all but two teeth.  Upon hearing this, the owner (who is somewhere between a backyard breeder and a puppy mill-obviously not a client of mine) laughs and responds with "well I knew it was bad."

First of all-it's not funny that you let your dog suffer for years and now it has to live half it's life without teeth.  Second of all....well, see above.  There really isn't anything else to say.

Two teenage girls walk in with a sick puppy and no appointment.  One barely speaks during the whole exam. The other can only be bothered to answer in between texting, seemed irritated at basic questions like has he had any vaccines or deworming, and seemed unconcerned that the answer to these questions was no even though the littermate died of parvo.  They eventually left and we started treating the puppy for...surprise...parvo.

At the other clinic we are treating three different dogs for broken legs.  One of them has TWO broken legs. All were hit by cars or some similar trauma due to not being properly confined in a fence.  ALL three dogs have fractures that need to be plated, pinned or in some way surgically repaired.  NONE of the owners have money for this.  Thus, they are all being treated with splints and "hope."  Two of the three let them out in the rain and got the splints wet.  One is not keeping the dog confined and he removed his own splints which the owner attempted to rewrap.

Owner presents young lab mix with a history of "eating everything," for a few days of vomiting followed by several days of not eating and extreme lethargy.  I finally convinced them to do some diagnostics and based on the history and x-rays I was very suspicious of a foreign body.  I wanted to hospitalize the dog and do a barium series in the morning to either confirm or negate my theory but naturally they spent all their money saving their other puppy who had parvo and didn't have any left for this dog.  I did convince them to at least come back in first thing in the morning to take one more x-ray and see if anything had changed.  About mid-morning we called to see why they hadn't come in.  Seems her husband had the car and she was home alone with a small child and a dog in desperate need of medical care and no transportation.  Seems like a good plan huh?  I presume the child is being exposed to every parasite under the sun since these dogs obviously receive no preventive health care.

Two momma cats and their eleven kittens were left in a box outside the clinic this week.

Sometimes I just want to work in a factory.


Sara said...

LOL. I just said the other day that working in a factory might not be such a bad thing (as long as I don't have to move to China). I watch the female custodian at my school push the broom around, and think, "You know, her job is pretty much stress free. She waits for the halls to clear, then does her job in peace. No kids talking back, no crazy parents suing her, no faculty room drama...."

Diana said...

Well, that all just sucks so bad. Sorry you have to deal with all these people who cant take care of their pets.

Jasmine and Sparkie said...

That's terrible. People like that shouldn't have pets! >:(

Karissa said...

The more I work with animals, the more I dislike humans. Thankfully I do get to see some truly wonderful adopters that lift me up -- some of the stories I hear from friends in the vet industry are just depressing.

Kathy said...

Wow, I sure don't have to tell you but it is so hard knowing those poor animals have no control to make their situation better. I don't know how you do it without hitting your head against the wall all day long-but I am glad you are there to give these animals at least a kind touch. Thank heavens there are some of the good people you see too.

Sue said...

While working at a high stress job many years ago, I saw a man painting the walls of the office. At 4 he put his paint and tools away and went home. I'll bet he didn't worry all night about the job. Seemed good to me.