Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 7: Nationals Prelude

The good news is Legend is running great.  The bad news is she's popping out of her weave poles.  I think both of these stem from the fact that she has spent the last 6 days in "captivity."  She was pretty wound up this morning and I think ran both her runs, but especially the first one, faster than her average.

First up was warm-up standard.  The a-frame was the third obstacle but she went up it just fine so I was happy about that.  And she was really fired up-had she not been listening we would have definitely had an off-course or two!  The weave poles were second to last and she came out around pole 9 and just blasted  to the last obstacle.

Next up was Time 2 Beat.  She was again running well but popped out of the last pole or two.  I was really trying to watch her to make sure she finished so I don't know if that contributed or not, maybe I should have just stood back and let her go.  Either way, she knows to finish them and was being naughty!  I even tried again and she still did it.  Stinker.  Neither of these runs actually count anyway, but sure would have been nice to walk away from today with a couple clean run ribbons.

So tomorrow our actual Nationals runs start, we don't expect to actually place or get to finals or anything but are hoping to just show off our best work. I have ordered all my runs on video for the weekend so hopefully I'll be able to post those later, but here is our T2B that Jerry taped for me today.


VetVoyeur said...

What fun!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck tomorrow and have fun!

Greg S said...

Didnt catch your runs today - I hope she stays in those poles tomorrow! That's the same thing that happened to me and Skye at our first nationals - I couldnt get the bugger to weave a full set of 12 poles except for 1 of the 5 runs.
Skye ran pretty good today - a nice Standard run with a missed AFrame contact, but he ran clean in T2B.

Diana said...

Very nice run. Sorry about the weaves. Try not to worry about it, Im sure it will fix itself. (easy for me to say, huh?) Have a great time!