Wednesday, May 14, 2014

10 Years

Although it hardly seems possible, I graduated from veterinary school 10 years ago today.  My classmates and I would now be considered "experienced."  Some days, when I look over an appointment book full of routine ailments and wellness visits, and spay cats while having a conversation and listening to music, I feel like that is very much the case.  Other days though, I find it a startling realization that I should know what I'm doing!  There are still things I've never done, diseases I've never seen, topics I still need to get the book out for, dosages I need to double check, and subjects I wish I felt more comfortable with. 

I tried to think of something memorable or profound to say about the last 10 years, but mostly I just reflected about my career in general. 

I have worked for the rich and the poor.  I have worked for people who appreciated me and those who did not.  I worked with technicians worth their weight in gold, those who were just warm bodies, and everything in between.  I learned to do a lot of things without help. 

I have worked in shelters, big clinics, small clinics, fancy clinics, privately owned clinics, corporate clinics, and low tech rural clinics.  

I have met people who will do anything for their pet, and those who will do next to nothing.  I have heard people say or do jaw-droppingly crazy and/or stupid things.  

I have laughed and cried.  I have saved lives.  I have ended lives.  I have watched lives slip away against our will.  

I have been bored, challenged, frustrated, and overwhelmed.  Sometimes all in the same day.  

I've made friends (and probably enemies) along the way.  I've seen the best and the worst in people.  I've seen the best and the worst in pets.

In the end, whether you hate this career or love it, the most profound thing I could come up with was that it is, without a doubt, unique.


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You've been an advocate for animals and made an impact on people's lives. They should appreciate you if they know what's good for them. Congrats on your 10 year anniversary!