Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Catch up

Lots to catch up on! First of all Autumn got adopted! Puppy adventure is finally over. 

Marbles and Twist don’t get along so Twist is often found in places she can be alone. 

Ace is a big BC mix puppy available through MO-KAN. He spent a little time with us and is now in a new foster home doing great. 

Legend is doing great and even eating some dog food!

Seamus is doing well and will get some root canals next month. And hopefully more hair. 

New Mo-Kan dog Waffles. He’s cute and being fostered near me so I get to meet him. Maybe BC and Aussie mix?

Epic made his first big boy road trip to Minnesota for his first NACSW trial. We competed in two element specialties and he earned both his level 1 container and interior. He wasn’t the fastest dog, but cute and accurate. 

We spend the first night in Iowa and found a nice path to walk before loading in the car again. 

Our first night in MN we went to a twins game and they won. 

Beyond that we have just been super busy. Every weekend we have some kind of plans, and I’ve been working more than i originally intended and we have been doing more remodeling. More on that later! Plus I’ve been training for a half marathon so horse riding and dogntraining have sadly been on the back burner for a bit. I did squeeze in some agility last night though. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Cool vet stuff

This was an older cat with an abdomen full of fluid. Based on poor prognosis they elected euthanasia. 

I think it had a pancreatic mass. 

This is a deformed calf our large animal vet pulled bus c-section 

These are Lyric’s cheer films. Apparently that bright white stuff is just an incidental finding. 

Ignore the arrow. 

This is a cancerous kidney I took out. First time removing a kidney and it went well! Dog felt much better after. 

Monday, August 5, 2019

Dream come true

So I did this. I’m not shamed. I love it. 

Swim day. Briefly.

We went to the park today to play in the water.  But after a few minutes it clouded up and started raining so we went home.  By the time we got home it was sunny so we just went out in the yard and played.  Which was nice because then all the dogs got some play time.

This guy does it all

I entered Epic in the local obedience trial this weekend and he did not disappoint.  We were entered in beginner novice.  I figured it was a good test to see how he would react in the ring and what we still needed to work on. Our first time in the ring he did great.  He got a little distracted on the first turn-in beginner novice they use rally signs for the heeling and he wanted to go look at one.  But then I got him back and did a great job.  One thing I hadn't considered was we have never practiced figure eights with people as posts so he gave them a sniff as he went around but otherwise did very well.  Overall we ended up 4th with a 193.5 out of 200.  In trial 2 he was a total rock star losing zero points on heeling, 2 on figure 8 and 1/2 on recall for a score of 197.5 and first place.  Sunday he repeated his performance for the most part for the same score and another 1st place.  These are the highest obedience scores I've ever gotten and although it's only beginner novice I'm inspired to keep working at it and move on to Novice.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Another swim

We joined some friends earlier this week for some water time.  The dogs all had a great time and one of the girls has a nice camera and got these awesome shots!