Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Unusual Part 2

It's time for more crazy stuff that happens at work!

1. A man brought in a small container of something for me to look it. He wanted to know if it was mouse guts or something his cat had vomited up. A quick look determined it to be mouse guts, the man was very pleased that his cat was not throwing up it's own intestines.

2. Many people bathe or shower with their dogs...and are not ashamed to tell you this.

3. A very distraught woman had spoken to the breeder (big mistake) about her dog's (minor) skin condition and was apparently so afraid of what the dog might have she put the dog in a kennel so that it couldn't spread anything to anyone and cried until her appointment where she spilled out this whole story about how the breeder told her she should treat the dog with tea tree oil, the blood of Jesus, and prayer. I know what your thinking and yes she really did say "the blood of Jesus" like it was no big deal and totally normal. I didn't ask where she was supposed to get it but I did tell her never to talk to the breeder again.

4. One of our good clients sent us some homeless people who needed medical care for their pet (she was going to pay the bill but that's not the interesting part). The interesting part is what kind of pets they had. I would have expected a dog but apparently the homeless are now toting around a cat and a ferret. Seriously. I think maybe they keep them in a cage under a bush or something?

5. After providing a lengthy story about her bird and it's relationship with other birds past and present and when it was and was not laying eggs, it turns out the woman wanted us to tell her why her bird was angry. Um, I don't know.

6. Owners made appointment for cat because it was having diarrhea and vomiting. Upon exam I noted the diarrhea all over it's rear end and commented on the fact that it really was having a lot of diarrhea. The owners surprisingly responded with "oh, so you think all that is diarrhea?" Um, yeah-I mean it is liquid feces. They then commented that they had not seen diarrhea in the litter box. So why did you make an appointment for diarrhea?

7. Owner called and wanted sleeping pills for her dog who is getting up to "play" every 2 hours. Turns out the dog is 15 years old-I don't think it's getting up to "play." It was suggested that they bring the dog in to be checked out. Really, you think a 15 year old dog is going to suddenly decide to get up and play at odd hours of the night?


Paint Girl said...

People! Sometimes I really wonder about them! Certain people should NOT even own animals! If you can't take care of them, don't get one.
But some very funny stories! I can only imagine the type of things you see and hear!
I am glad that I am a normal animal owner!

Sara said...

People! Wow, you really see all kinds in your job.

manymuddypaws said...

those are great. people are so funny.

Sue said...

Not all breeders are crazy.