Friday, September 30, 2016

The new face of Diamond Care Renal

Between being busy, sick, working and who knows what else I have not gotten around to sharing this exciting news! Remember back in April when I took Legend for the photo shoot for the dog food bag?  They shot two dogs for each bag and then later picked one they liked best.  Well, not only did they like Legend, they are also shooting an informational video to promote the food so next week we got to go do that!

I'm not sure if the bags are in stores yet but here is the link that shows it on the website.  And a few screen shots in case you don't want to follow the link.

Not only did she make the bag, Legend and this cat (who did not pose together this is photo-shopped) are the headliners on the webpage!

And here she is with her bag.  I think it looks fabulous!

I am obviously stupid excited over this but I underestimated how excited my coworkers would be-since the girls go to work with me a lot all my techs know her really well and are basically treating this like they now know a celebrity.  For her part, Legend doesn't seem to know what the big deal is but gladly accepts the extra attention.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I've been saving glass bottles and jars for awhile.  So while Jerry was gone volunteering at a bike race last weekend I got busy and made some holiday decor, among a few other things.  Although they involve the least amount of work, I think the candy corn are the cutest.  But maybe that's because I really enjoy spray paint.  And anything multi-colored.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More reasons to spay

I spayed an older dog the other day.  The owner reported no known issues but during surgery her left ovary happened to be the size of a small orange.  After surgery I cut it open and found it to be full of cysts.  I have no idea if this was bothering the dog or not but I'd hate to think that if it does and we don't know about it there could be a bunch of intact dogs walking around with painful ovaries.  I have seen this condition in both dogs and cats but this is the most extreme example I have found.  This dog was only 22 lbs by the way.

Monday, September 19, 2016


This little cat was living under the shed at work.  Apparently when one of the neighbors was evicted she just left behind her cats.  Anyway, once we got her trapped and spayed we found out how sweet she was and no one wanted to put her back outside.  So now she's living in our barn.  We call her Lollipop.  Because we are suckers.  But isn't she cute?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Running round up

I think I'm overdue for an update! I feel like we are still catching up a little from vacation and then being gone again for the trial.

Last weekend I ran the Azalea 5k over in Nixa. The course was a little long (which seems pretty typical these days 😣) but my overall pace was pretty decent. Not quite where I would like to be but considering August wasn't the best training month I can live with it. I ended up second in my age group, continuing my streak of placing every race this year (even if it hasn't been that many). 

This weekend I did a crazy thing and ran 2 races in one day. The first one was a trail run in Springfield. I signed up for the 10k since we don't get the chance to do many trail runs.  But, it turned out to not actually be a trail run.  It was pseudo cross country because it was about half on grass, but the other half was on paved paths or gravel roads.  Had I known that I would have planned my day differently.  On top of not really being on any trails the course was not well marked, nor did it have volunteers at all the turns so was confusing.  Then for the awards they gave out one prize to the first place runner of the 5K and a first and second place prize in the 10K even though it was a smaller race.  Which was all very bizarre.  Even for a small event I would expect top 3 males and females in each race.  Also, one of the prizes was a coupon for a free body piercing.  Really??  Anyway, I did place third of the women in the 10k so I'm going to call that finishers medal a placement medal.  Seems reasonable to me.

Later in the evening there was  5K/15K event at our friend's brewery and some of  the other girls from the Waynesville clinic were also going so I wanted to go as well.  Had I known the morning race would be a bust I would have done the 15K with Lindsay and we could run together, but since I has already done the 10 I just signed up for the 5 with the other girls.  I wasn't expecting much out of this since i had already run in the morning but it was a first time race so pretty small group, and also in a small town.  So, even pretty exhausted and really dragging on the second half I managed to win the women's division!  While not an overly impressive victory it is my first outright overall win so pretty cool.  And Lindsay won the women's 15K so the Cross Creek ladies had a sweep!  Then we all enjoyed dinner and drinks and visiting.  Looking forward to next year!


Good friends even outside of work!

Monday, September 5, 2016

NW3 try number 3

After spending only 3 days at home Legend and I packed our bags for Pontiac, IL to get back into the nosework game. 

While we didn't pass, at least it was better than last time. We had a little trouble with vehicles but not sure why-maybe wind, handler error, pooling odor or probably a combination of all those things. Naturally that was our first search so we had to bounce back from it pretty quick because we went direct to exteriors. I felt that one went well. 

Then waiting. Our first interior room was the first time we have had a clean room in competition. I was pretty sure after one pass it was clean but I did two just to make sure. I'm glad we got to have that experience. In the next room she had a fringe (so close!) and the last room I felt good about. Then a short wait for containers. I also felt much better about this search than our last trial. 

So in the end we did pass all but the vehicles and the second interior room. And a bonus-we got first in exteriors! I was pretty happy with this because you have to quickly find the hides and also be confident that you got them all. I'm getting better at that second part!

Next up is a UKC trial in October.