Monday, September 5, 2016

NW3 try number 3

After spending only 3 days at home Legend and I packed our bags for Pontiac, IL to get back into the nosework game. 

While we didn't pass, at least it was better than last time. We had a little trouble with vehicles but not sure why-maybe wind, handler error, pooling odor or probably a combination of all those things. Naturally that was our first search so we had to bounce back from it pretty quick because we went direct to exteriors. I felt that one went well. 

Then waiting. Our first interior room was the first time we have had a clean room in competition. I was pretty sure after one pass it was clean but I did two just to make sure. I'm glad we got to have that experience. In the next room she had a fringe (so close!) and the last room I felt good about. Then a short wait for containers. I also felt much better about this search than our last trial. 

So in the end we did pass all but the vehicles and the second interior room. And a bonus-we got first in exteriors! I was pretty happy with this because you have to quickly find the hides and also be confident that you got them all. I'm getting better at that second part!

Next up is a UKC trial in October. 

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