Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Legend's Story

It's been awhile but finally here is Legend's story. If you have not yet done so you might check out Oreo's Story and Zodiac's Story.

Legend is a product of too much free time (which seems odd, because I never have free time), the internet, and some luck. As it happened I was killing time one day browsing Border Collie rescue sites for fun because it was not a time when I was looking for or needing another dog-but then when is there ever a time? Anyway, as I hit the Nebraska Border Collie Rescue site an unusually marked red merle puppy with an eager expression and big ears was staring back at me. Just under a year old and listed as high drive I clicked on the picture to learn more. The bio went on to describe the puppy as very sweet, very driven, good with other animals and an agility prospect. She would be everything I was looking for if I was looking for another dog-which I was not. But over the next few days I could not get the picture of that little dog out of my head. I finally decided that even if the time wasn't ideal, the right dog does not come along every day. So I submitted the 10 page adoption application and waited. Apparently someone got their application in ahead of me and I was notified that "my" dog had been adopted. Now for the luck part of the story-it seems that the new family's current dog did not like Legend at all and she was returned to rescue. The following week I drove to Nebraska to pick up a dog I have never met in person.

It only took a few days for her and Zodiac to be best buddies and for her to learn to leave Oreo alone. She was very busy and loved to play with her toys. But she stayed out of trouble and was very well crate trained. We tried to let her sleep in the bedroom but she was too energetic and would wake us up at odd hours of the night to play. She now sleeps all night withought trouble but is still very busy-right now she is sprinting around the living room for no reason!

Since it was winter when we got her we spent several months working on obedience and agility handling skills on the flat and targeting, all in preparation of classes starting in the spring. She then progressed to doing a few simpler obstacles. In the spring she started more formal agility training and loved it! By June she was competing in her first Rally Trial and on her second day of competition she got a perfect score and first place!

In the fall I entered her in agility at the BC National Specialty and was pretty nervous. She did not have that much experience running courses and she had never been turned loose in a strange place. I shouln't have worried though-as soon as we stepped out on the course she thought of nothing else but agility and qualified on all four of her runs that week. She even had a clean run and first place her first time out. She has since gone on to finish her NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ and has a leg on her AXJ. All since October! She also has and NAC in NADAC and points toward several other NADAC titles.

She has also finished her RN and RA with several perfect scores and first place finishes to her credit. She knows a lot of the obedience exercises-even some of the more advanced ones and someday she may be controlled enough to compete in the obedience ring but for now she finds it too rigid and dull!

Legend loves to play and to snuggle and she doesn't do anything slowly or with subtlety. She is a fun dog to train, compete with, and live with. We have a lot of high hopes for her agility career. She has a lot of natural speed and energy and if I can continue to focus those things on agility then I think she will acheive a lot of great things. Hopefully this is just the beginning of her story...


Jessica said...

Wow she looks great! I'm so glad Legend found such a good home. My name is Jessica and I am a NBCR volunteer. I worked with her (Legend/Daimhin) very briefly (and really liked her! :)) when she came into rescue, before she went into her foster home. She's such a neat dog and it sounds like she's got the perfect home!!! :)


Nicki said...

Thanks for reading Jessica. Visit our blog anytime for more!