Saturday, January 17, 2009

Things that annoy me

1. Cats with bladder problems
2. People who want to breed their mixed breed dog because they think she is "awesome" (well who doesn't think their own dog is awesome?)
3. People who don't want to pay for services or diagnostics (like we're supposed to work for free?) and then tell you how their neighbor wants them to use their vet who doesn't charge office fees (go right ahead pal, we won't stop you).
4. People who will spend 5 minutes begging their dog (who knows no commands) to come out from under the chair before they physically remove it and put it on the table where they make no attempt to hold onto it (as if a dog that hides under a chair will not try to jump off the table).
5. Dogs who freak out and/or try to bite during basic procedures simply because the owners do zero training and are apparently not interested in any.
6. People who show up to their appointment with only a urine sample and not the dog, then decide they need the dog and leave to get it so that they are now late for their appointment.
7. Working on Saturday-doesn't everyone know Saturdays are for a) sleeping in or b) agility trials?



Sara said...

Sounds like you had a rough day! Hope you have tomorrow off to recover!

Lauren said...

I agree, well, I don't really know about the diagnostics and vet stuff. But everything else. In fact, I'm always surprised that anyone still has their dog in tact. I might be the evil pet purchaser, but both mine were scheduled for spay/neuter as soon as my vet would do it!! A few people I worked with thought it would be fun to have a litter of puppies - I assured them it would not in fact be fun!

Josh and Jess said...

#6 - We can't believe hoomans can be so darn stupid!!

Josh and Jessie

Sarah said...

you mean i shouldn't try and figure out a way to combine my JRT, Border Collie and Flat-coat into my own breeding program. but i love them all. darn it.

kidding of course.

oh and being all spayed and neutered i guess is a problem.

i admire how you are able to deal with these things on a regular basis. not sure i could.

Dreadnought said...

Ha ha - I'm with you on the Saturday thing, well actually I'm with you on most of the other stuff too but definately the Saturday one. Love your dogs, Bob.

Jayme said...

Amen to all of the above (except the agility trial part- I'll just sleep on saturdays Thank you.)