Thursday, December 13, 2018

My babies!

It's time to post the puppies for adoption.  I'm sad because they have been so fun and I love them so much.  But they are getting big and rowdy and need their own homes.  We got some awesome photos thanks to out local pet photographer!

Little Candy is not easy to photograph.  She is quick and wiggly!

 Casper was a superstar model.  Even though he is a pretty wild boy he sure was good for the camera!

 Goblin was a terror to photograph.  We barely got these and were super exhausted at the end of the shoot!

 Jack was a pretty good boy!

 Treat was also terrible.  We barely got this one.
 Trick did pretty good even though he is also pretty wild.

It's been 10 days!

I think that's the longest I've gone without posting since the girls arrived.  But I've been working 5 days (well 4.5) a week lately (I'll be glad when that is over!), doing rescue stuff and spending the rest of my take taking care of dogs. 

Saturday I spent the whole afternoon getting a sweet boy moved from a shelter to a foster home.  Then we took in this young female to foster.
I wouldn't have taken her but I already had an adopter lined up.  She gets spayed next week and then off to her home next Saturday.  Sadly she has had no vaccines so I'm still too nervous to let her in the back yard.  And she is terrible on a leash but at least she is housebroken.  She is also in heat.  Yay.  Not. 

Here is just a cute photo of my boy. He's watching out the window while I nap to make sure we are safe.  Or something like that.
 We bought some painting kits on black Friday and had a family paint night last weekend.  I think we did a good job.  Mine is the seal. 

 I was lucky to get off work early on a nice day this week and squeezed in a ride before dark. 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Silver Dollar City Christmas

We enjoyed a brisk but not overly crowded day at SDC on Sunday.  We got in a few chilly rides and some great pics. 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Christmas has arrived!

This is probably the earliest we have ever decorated.  In part because our weekends are busy and this one we had time.  And partly because we want the kids to get to maximize their holiday experience.  They were very excited about decorating. 

Finished tree
 Around the house
 Working on the tree
 The girls' stockings are drying and then we will hang them-they painted their names on them
 Finishing touches!
 All lit up!
 More around the house
 Admiring their work