Tuesday, September 27, 2022


 Still making progress with Amirah, who is collecting quite a tack wardrobe. We have been on two trail rides and overall I’m super happy with how she did. I continue to work on ground basics as well as riding to really try and create the full “good horse” package. Riesling on the other hand was been pretty obnoxious the last few rides. So I guess he can go back to lunging first. I don’t necessarily need two riding horses but I’ve put so much time into him I’d like to keep him doing at least walk and some trot under good behavior. And Jadeed just looks cute. 


 In my free time I’ve spent a few days crating and even put together a little fundraiser for rescue. I still have things I want to try but really like how most of this turned out 

AKC scentwork regionals

 Over Labor Day weekend we went to indiana for a regional competition. We were able to visit three campgrounds, a few wineries, see a friend and squeeze in a trip to the beach. 

The trial was fun too! The competition was tough  it epic got 5 Qs and even one placemat, and a few more almost placements!

We even found the perfect wine for Riesling!

Summer in New England


Next up was a trip to New Hampshire to see friends! We had hiking, wine, boating and more. And temps still in the nineties lol. 

Summer in Michigan

 Still playing catch up! Earlier this summer Jerry, Sweets and I spent a long weekend in Michigan and enjoyed beach walks, wineries and dune hikes

! Sweets did great swimming and the weather was amazing, as usual.