Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The old dog

It makes me a little sad these days to watch Zodiac.  He's doing ok for an old dog, but he is, in all reality, an old dog.

He has trouble getting up and down.  Some days he limps a little.  Sometimes he falls down.  Some of those times he just stays put since it's easier than getting back up.  He doesn't see or hear as well as he used to.  He gets tired quicker, gets hotter faster, and sometimes I need to walk a little slower with him.  There is no more jumping into the truck or onto the bed.  He doesn't even try.

But he's happy, sassy, eats good, and plays outside.  He enjoys pet therapy, herding and treats. There is nothing significantly wrong with him other than age (that we know of right now).  So even though I hate to see him age, we hope to have plenty of more time with him.  And we will try to be happy for the days we have, instead of sad that he's a little more gray.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Reunion Round 1

This weekend we celebrated my 10 year vet school reunion in Columbia.  We started out at Buffalo Wild Wings for some pre-football visiting.  It was great to see so many people I had not seen since graduation, or only see rarely.

Afterwards we headed over to the MU game.  It was pretty scorching during the middle of the afternoon so most of the group left around half time-but for those of us who held out-the seats got shady before the 3rd quarter started and we were able to enjoy the rest of the game.

After the game we all headed over to Shakespeare's (at least with vets you never need to worry about how you look or smell!).  Shakespeare's Pizza is a Columbia landmark and eating tradition that has expanded well beyond it's original downtown location.  We had a private party room in one of the additional locations but even then it was so loud we were all basically screaming at each other!

I think most people headed to the Black and Gold after Shakespeare's.  The Black and Gold is an old skanky bar many of my classmates frequented in vet school (the kind of place with no windows, cash only, and everything served out of a can or bottle-so I'm not really sure if that even qualifies as a bar). I have only been there one time as skanky bars were not really my thing then or now so we elected to head out on our own at this point and take a walk around the downtown area and of course campus, where we met 17 years ago this fall.

Overall we had a good time and I have observed the following things...

Pizza, football, and beer is still an adequate way to entertain a group of doctors.

Phil can still wear an "I only date crack whores" t-shirt and no one bats an eye (his wife, by the way, is very nice, and not a crack whore).

Dani and I were unable to remember the name of the other girl we shared a duplex with during our first year of vet school (she was not a classmate, but I knew here during undergrad, finally remembered the next day).

Some of us are doing exactly what we we expected, exactly where we expected to be doing it, while some of us are doing something we never imagined.

While some of us are small town cattle vets and others board certified specialists we all share similar experiences.

Most of us have not changed much, which is why I am reminded now of what I knew then-that I went to school with a great group of kids who became a great group of doctors, parents, spouses, practice owners, and more.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One each

I uploaded one video each for the girls.  We missed some of  Lyric's other Qs and Legend was running nice but not exceptional so I didn't spend the time to make fancy videos.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trial stuff

We went to our last agility trial for a few months and it went pretty well. Also, it was fortunately air conditioned as it is 100 degrees here. 

Friday I went up a little early so I could meet with a friend who was in town for a conference. We had dinner and some much needed catch up time. 

Saturday Lyric was steady and picked up 2/3 Qs-one jumpers and one regular. Legend was a naughty 1/6 only nabbing one regular Q. 

Sunday was much better. Lyric was her usual self grabbing 2/4 Qs-one really nice jumpers and a nice tunnelers. She was close on one regular but missed a weave pole and took an off course tunnel in the other-I should have done my cross at another spot but oh well. Legend totally redeemed herself and went 5/5 today! She even placed 3rd of all 8 qualifiers in elite tunnelers. That's quite a feat for her. She picked up an ugly chances Q as well, so now just nine away from NATCH 2!  

I'll try to get some video up later his week. Too tired now. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

More than meets the eye

So here is your classic "I have no idea what happened doc, just noticed it today" case.  Poor little dog came in with this horrific wound on its back.  I would say a day or two old.  Mind you, this is a 6 lb dog that lives outside covered in fleas.  The owner would "like to keep her around awhile, but only if it cost less than $400." Story of my life.  Anyway, I'm just sharing because it's kind of an interesting case with pictures.  Hopefully I will have follow up photos.

Here is the wound as presented.

After clipping

After debriding the edges and some of the dead, dirty tissue

The problem with this wound though, is that there is a ton of damaged tissue still remaining.  Also much of the remaining skin is not attached to the underlying subcutaneous tissue and muscles (think skinned alive but with the skin still on).  This can compromise the blood supply to the skin meaning that even though we closed the wound additional skin could still die and she may need additional surgery-hence the more than meets they eye!  Although what you can see in the pictures alone is pretty impressive.

After the suturing it looks pretty good.  Hopefully it stays that way.  She is being treated with antibiotics, pain meds and laser therapy.  We suspect she was bitten and shook by a larger dog.  There were some additional puncture wounds and it's just too much damage for getting cut on the fence, nail, etc.  In a way she was lucky, but she may still have a long way to go if that luck does not hold up.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Horsin around

These were from the other night when I should have been running.  But who wouldn't want to hang with these guys?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dogs, cats, runs, and other updates

Lyric passed the therapy dog test this weekend!  So pretty soon she can start taking some of the burden off of Zodiac.

There is a lot less peeing in the house since the girls have been crated during the day.

I got my 10k time down to within a minute of my PR.  Not quite where I wanted to be, but a lot better than it was a few months ago.  I'd like to get in more training, but seems like my days keep filling up with other things.  Or like tonight where I just piddled around in the yard and then decided to blog instead.

I had to get new flowers.  Most of the ones I got before died.  I'm not very good with plants.  Most of these were on clearance so I guess if they die it's not a big loss.  But hopefully they will last awhile.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cats and stuff

The kittens are getting along better.  They don't seem as fond of each other as Twist and Mist were so there is not as much cute playing as there was before.  But they both like lap sitting enough to pile onto my lap at the same time, which is very cute.

They are also still having some loose poop issues so they have lost their overnight free reign privileges.  Well, Twix never had any, but Twist did.  By the end of next week they will have both been treated with every drug under the sun.  Hoping something makes a lasting difference.  Meanwhile I spend most of my time scooping and evaluating the consistency of kitten poop.  Not exactly how I envisioned spending my summer.
In other news, we did a 5K last saturday.  I ran a decent time given the hills and the slight decrease in my training quality over the last month.  It was good enough for 3rd overall female which was exciting.  Especially since they did not give out age group awards-seriously, who doesn't do that?

We are currently working on redoing our deck, which has cost more than originally anticipated and also taking longer.  The truck needed 4 new tires this week and the cruise we wanted to go on was filling up and the price about to jump as well so I went ahead and got it booked.  In other words, we have spend a huge amount of money in the last two weeks.  I guess that is what savings are for.  Also, I want the truck painted but hopefully that's the last major expense for awhile.

And here are several random, but adorable iphone photos.

First up, kitten cuteness.  And one token Pomeranian.

 Socks helping me with some fencing work.
 Socks, just being the insanely cute pony he is.

 I took Kennedy to the zoo a few weeks ago for our girls day out before she starts kindergarten (can you believe that?).  This baby goat was her favorite.  Apparently, we didn't need to actually go to the zoo.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Fresh start

We're giving this one more shot.  Everyone, meet kitten three...Twix!  Isn't she cute?  She and Twist are currently bonding.  I hope.  I'm sure they'll be buds soon.  Which will mean some truly irresistibly cute blog posts.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I hope it's over now

We woke this morning to find Kahuna too weak to stand and struggling to breathe. He passed away a few minutes later. 

I hope this is the end of all the death in our house. I feel like our baseline emotion lately is sad. At least Legend got her NATCH. That's about the only good thing  that's happened this month. 

RIP big boy. Summer and I will miss you.