Saturday, October 13, 2018

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Thursday I took Autumn to work for radiographs. We are having at least 6-7 puppies. 

But at least her hips look decent. 

Then there was a birthday party for one of the other students that we were all able to attend. 

We went to the Japanese restaurant and got both entertained and stuffed with leftovers for all. 

Friday I packed up the search team for a Nosework trial in Columbia. I met a friend for dinner and she sunrises me with an ultrasound photo. I’m going to be an “aunt” !!!

Meanwhile the girls were getting ready for homecoming. They looked beautiful and had a great time. 

Today they had an exchange student fall fun day. Reports are that it was cold but super fun and Dad did a great job helping and bringing extra jackets. 

On my end, Epic picked up a few novice legs. Legend earned a second place in advanced interiors and finished her title. I learned that we need to practice buried hides more often. We had a few other nice “almost” passes and had fun despite the cold. 



Also, still no puppies. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Field trip and more

Yesterday I accompanied the girls on their local government field trip. Before the trip they came to work with me and got to see a few surgeries. You could definitely tell by their faces which one wanted to be a doctor (Mariyam) and which one doesn’t!! 

Then it was off to learn about government. It was mostly boring but the part in the jail was interesting. 

After a long drive home in the rain we found the other birthday less they ordered for me had arrived. It’s an adorable stethoscope tag that says Dr. Jesky Best Vet. They are quite the talented shoppers!

It was also Lyric’s 12th birthday yesterday. We didn’t have time to do much of a party but she did enjoy a chewie. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Never a dull moment. Literally.

Sunday Jerry and I went to the local craft fair. In the afternoon we loaded up Riesling for a dry run with the trailer.  All went well. 

Then the girls helped turn him into a magical Halloween horse. 

We hoped some new pics of Gus would help get him adopted. He really is handsome. 

This morning Jerry headed out of town for a few days. I took the girls shopping. First trip to Kohl’s!

And also took in this very pregnant dog. No big deal. Right?? Usually when people say they think their pet is pregnant, it isn’t. Either way I couldn’t not help this little girl. Well naturally when she showed up she was, indeed, very pregnant. I think we will be having puppies within the week. But this really isn’t my area of expertise so we will keep you updated. Welcome, Autumn...

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Random kid stuff

Sometimes Legend takes refuge with her sisters when the boys are too much. 

Kids feeding kids

Riesling after bath day

Barney supervising 


Sundae discovered a new lap. 

Wizarding Run

When I found out Mariyam was a Harry Potter fan and then saw this race being advertised I decided it would be fun. They thought so too and finally today was the day! Grace and Cheri came too!

I don’t think they are much into running but they enjoyed the walk-and all the cool swag!

The weather was super warm for October but I guess that’s better than too cold. We stayed dry during the run but got rained on after. 

Someone handed out ponchos just in time. Although not so much for me. I was already wet. 

The good stuff-shirts, finishers medals and a wand. Which to Mariyam’s dismay, Umama called a stick. 

Happy birthday to me

Friday was my birthday of a number I’d rather not mention but Jerry and the girls made it pretty special. Apparently they have been quite secretive all week as they plannned out and made some great decorations and truly epic (and also very sweet) handmade cards. Jerry added in some flowers and cake

I got some super soft new unicorn pants. And the girls found this amazing shirt online! I’m not sure what they searched exactly but it’s perfect. 

Then we all went to dinner at a new restaurant which was really good and we even had leftovers for today!
Also I got to wear my $7 bargain dress!