Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Food day and other things

Sweet autumn has not gotten any applications yet. And for that matter Candy hasn’t gotten anybwe have liked. Even though everyone wanted a female, she’s the last of her litter to get  adopted. 

This weekend was international food day for our exchange group. All the food was was wonderful and I was beyond stuffed!

It’s been wet and rainy so lots of time in the barn staying dry. 

Hopefully a puppy will get adopted this weekend! I was hoping for more, but a few apps fell through. Cassie goes to a new home tomorrow. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Updates of the week

The girls are hunting prom dresses.  It was fun to go with them and see what they tried on.  They both looked stunning and I'm sure the final choices will be amazing.  One of them already chose but I'm bot giving any hints until it's time for the official pics. 

 Saturday Jerry went to a reggae event in town so the girls and I did Valentine's crafts.  These were super easy and turned out super adorable.

 And Jerry was glad there were Starburst leftover.  Autumn helped Jerry with his math counts emails. She's good help.
 Cassie just being weird.
 Riesling and I loaded up and headed over to a friend's barn to ride I the arena since the weather was so nice.  He did great and even "jumped" a few crossrails.  He didn't really seem to know what he as doing but he didn't see opposed to trying.  He did not, however, want to get in the trailer to go home so we will be working on that in the next few weeks.  He's usually pretty easy to load so not sure why he wouldn't go tonight.

Jiya, now Ivy, got adopted today.  In a small world coincidence her adopter and I used to read each others blogs.  She doesn't still blog but still so crazy.  It was a perfect match and I'm so excited for both of them.  Ivy will be a city pup hanging in Central Park and we will try to visit them next time we got to NYC!

Rufus will be adopted by a previous adopter, volunteer, and friend.  I'm also so excited for them.  We have some there nice app pending and the whole Time Team may be gone soon!  Candy has no apps pending and we have not even had one app on Autumn.  Cassie has a meet and greet Wednesday so slowly but surely we are getting them all to new homes!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Be my valentine

Enjoy the adorableness that is the valentines photo shoot of the Time Team Puppies.  There are actually more but I didn't want it to be too overwhelming!

Weekend activities

We had a fun weekend.  Yesterday we went to the Branson Landing and did some bowling.  I broke 100 which is good for me and the girls both improved from game 1 to game 2.  Then we did some shopping and went home to play a new game.

This morning was warm enough to take Legend on a short run, then get in a quick ride.  Riesling isn't quite sure about the whole bareback thing but he's doing better.  And now that he's fatter it's nicer for me!

 We spent the rest of the evening and afternoon at our neighbors where the girls made native dishes and then we all enjoyed dinner and games!