Monday, July 15, 2019

Agility, adoptions, and more

Busy, fun weekend! We did three days of agility at our local NADAC trial.  I didn't get in quite as much training between the one and the last one as I had hoped, but it was still good experience.  Friday night was Touch and Go and Barrelers.  His contacts were not awesome in touch and go so it was good training experience for him.  Also he has no discrimination skills but I knew that.  This as a first time for both of us in barrelers.  He's never even seen a barrel but handled it like a pro and we had a lot of fun and picked up both Qs.  Legend came along and enjoyed visiting with friends.

Saturday was not a very successful Q day but lots of good experience.  We tested our distance skills in chances and worked on on some things in regular and picked up a few Qs in weavers to finish his first title! Legend came along again and had more fun.  Candy came too to socialize. After the trial we went to Rowan's puppy birthday party and they all had so much fun playing and swimming and eating cake and hot dogs.

Sunday the little man went 5/6 getting one regular, two jumpers and two tunnelers to finish both those titles.  And as an added bonus Candy got adopted!  All my puppies are gone and now just autumn needs a home.  As another bonus it was our wedding anniversary and we got done early enough to go to dinner!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


My friend Melanie and her kids came to town for a visit this week. They arrived late Sunday and Legend Lyric were quite excited to see their friend! As was I! I worked Monday morning and spayed their new kitten. Then we went down to Branson for a bit. She also did my nails with her dipping powders and they look great! She’s getting really good. 

Tuesday she made Mexican dinner for us and we hung out around the house. The dogs loved having playmates and getting extra snacks. Riesling got a little paint job. 

Today we went to visit our other friend and meet her new baby. After a good visit I headed back home and Melanie stayed there for a few days and will head home over the weekend. Then we will all meet again in El Paso in February!


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Good days

Yesterday Legend seemed particularly perky and even played ball! I don’t know what that means so we are just taking it for the gift that it is. Still only eating treats. 

And today is Epic’s 3rd birthday. Don’t know what I’d do without this sweet, smart, silly boy. And as an added bonus we got his DNA back over the weekend and he’s 2/3 cattle dog and 1/3 Border Collie! I knew he was perfect and couldn’t love that result more!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Another week goes by, or maybe more

Legend continues to be about the same.  Picky eating, but enough to maintain herself.  She has actually even been eating some puppy food and dog treats.  We decided to repeat bloodwork Thursday and see where things stood.  Her liver/gallbladder values were higher, but renal values remained about the same.  Repeated the ultrasound and gallbladder was looking less clogged so decided to add a liver supplement and some more antibiotics in case of gallbladder infection.  And so far, still about the same.  No real change one way or the other.  I hate to see her obviously feeling bad but she's not bad enough that she or I feel it's time to give up.

So, we packed her meds and anything we thought she might eat and took her with us to the trial in Oklahoma this weekend.  I did scratch her runs, for obvious reasons.  She did fine on the trip an Epic carried the team with 7/8 passes, only missing one buried.  He also got two first places, a second and a third.

In the evenings Jerry and I enjoyed the local Bricktown area of OKC and overall it was a pretty good weekend.  Back to work today and figuring out what Legend will eat. Today she had some treats and some graham crackers of all things. Tonight we will get more treat flavors for her to try and see what tomorrow brings.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

More sickness

On Monday Legend seemed to feel good and her bloodwork was quite a bit better. But Wednesday her appetite started to get worse so Thursday we repeated the bloodwork and it was about the same as Monday but with some changes in some liver values. We had an ultrasound done and results showed degenerate kidneys (no surprise) and some changes to liver and gallbladder that may or may not be significant. So we added some more drugs to her arsenal as a last resort and have continued with fluids but subcutaneous so she doesn’t have to be stuck in a cage. 

Yesterday we were joined by Cheri and Rowan for some water fun. And while she’s for sure not feeling herself she had fun. 

Tonight when it got cool we played a lot of ball and she played in the pool. We also took a walk in the yard. We are not sure what tomorrow holds but we are trying to make the most of it. 

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Wild Ride

This week has been a bit crazy.  Monday was normal, the dogs had their swim and all was well. Tuesday and Wednesday Legend didn't feel that well and intermittently ran a fever, at one point she wouldn't even eat treats or a peanut butter stuffed kong.  So Thursday I ran bloodwork and she had an elevated white cell count, maybe some pancreatitis and progression of her renal disease.  For the last 18 months we have been managing non-clinical (other than drinking a lot) renal disease and it's been very stable.  I knew it would eventually progress but it's still hard to accept.  So we put here on 2 days of IV fluids and some new meds.  While she's not eating what I would like (renal diet food), she is eating at least something and does seem to be feeling better.  In fact I took her to the nose work trial this weekend as she felt good enough to sniff.  I figure you never know how much time you have and we were going to get out and do what she loves no matter the outcome.

Well the outcome was mind-blowing.  She's not always as fast as she used to be but she still had a great time and banged out a 6/8 weekend, picking up several new advanced titles (AKC) and some placements to boot.  She even got a first place in advanced buried today at the end of a long and warm weekend.  I was so proud of her and so happy we got to share another weekend as teammates.
And here is the video
Epic decided he would not be outdone and nailed a perfect 7/7 weekend picking up some new novice titles and a novice High in Trial today!  He also got some placements and worked like a little champ all weekend long.  I couldn't not be more proud of how he's coming along.  Especially considering the lack of training he's had lately.  Between getting ready for the agility trial and then Legend getting sick, nose work practice had taken a back seat but it sure didn't show!
After the trial we took them out for ice cream, a walk and a swim at the jogging path and then a fun evening in the yard with the other dogs.

In non dog related news, Jerry and I enjoyed a nice evening out on Friday and yesterday attended a co-workers wedding.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Regularly scheduled programming

Now that the kids are gone this blog will pretty much go back to dogs, dogs, horses, dogs and some vet stuff. Yesterday we celebrated our agility weekend by swimming. Taking both of them at the same time was not a total success but we still had fun. And I promised Legend we would go alone next time. Now it’s time to shift gears for a weekend of AKC scentwork. We have a big summer full of dog events planned. And some other fun stuff too!

A star is born

Epic made his agility debut this weekend and did not disappoint! I couldn’t be more proud of him. He pulled together everything that he knows and then some. He ended up with 6/12 Qs and great start lines, no knocked bars, only one missed contact and even did a few rear crosses. And yes, I have video!

And here’s all his winnings!

Not wanting to be left out them girls got to play too. Lyric went 4/4 in elite tunnelers and jumpers. Legend joined the other teens in intro jumpers and tunnelers and picked up a few tunnelers legs.  

Autumn and Candy got to socialize and meet new friends. No takers yet but it was nice to get them out and about. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

The big goodbye

Yesterday was the day. We had to say goodbye, or see you later, to the girls. It was certainly a day of mixed emotions. While we look forward to “normal” life we will definitely miss them and shed some tears as they headed off through security. I hope they had fun here and hope they come back to visit. And hopefully someday we make it to their counties as well. 


The last family photo

Reminders of all our girls

The room waits for visitors and future exchangers 

And just in case we seemed to sad, this goofball kept us amused. 


Monday, June 3, 2019

Farm fun

We visited my friend Barbie last weekend as well to see all the baby sheep and goats. And they did not disappoint!