Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Dental day

Epic had a dental this week. Here are various photos documenting his recovery and pampering in the clinic.


I also did a little crafting this week. But I sure miss my crafting buddies!

Meanwhile, Seamus watches the snow and waits for a home. 

We are getting a bunch of new dogs into rescue. Excited to have some new volunteers and staying busy keeping up with all the transport and paperwork and medical stuff!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Lure coursing photos!

Little speed demon!

Another weekend, another trial, another sport!

Back to Nosework this weekend, AKC locally here in Springfield.  Dogs had a good outing, not our most prolific in terms of Qs, but some really nice placement ribbons and 3 new titles!

Epic was 4/8 and got two firsts (interiors) and one third (exterior I think).  He finished his novice elite titles in containers and interiors.  He did miss both buried which was a bummer because we need those the most but also we practice that the least.  So there is really no point in moving up if he isn't ready so we will focus some of our practice on that.  I need to get bigger containers I think and start working up to deeper hides.  Also we need to start water.

Legend was 3/6 and got one first (exterior) and two seconds (exterior and interior).  All with great times and the was over the top excited all weekend to search which is a big win all the way around.

We also took this big girl into rescue this week. "Prada" is a 5 year old, 60 possibly BC and pyrenees mix.  If she does not get adopted here locally this week she will move to another foster home.  She's a big sweetie.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Adventures in lure coursing

This weekend I took Epic to Oklahoma for Fast CAT lure coursing.  It's basically a 100 yard dash where they chase a lure (a plastic bag on a fully) down the track.  The nice thing is that there is no training for this.  Dogs either have the chase/prey drive to run or they don't.  Technically you could teach your dog to want to run after the bag but that didn't really seem like a worthwhile way to spend training time to me.  But Epic had no issue chasing!  He took one look at the lure moving and it was game on.  And he got progressively more excited as the weekend went on.  We had 4 runs and he's well on his way to a title with his fastest run being 8.61 seconds and the neighborhood of 23-24 mph.

Anxiously waiting his turn
 Beautiful morning
 Fall photo set up!

Friday night some friends and I went to the Miranda Lambert concert her in Springfield.  I had actually forgotten about this when I entered the trial so ended up getting up at 5 AM to drive to Oklahoma Saturday morning.  But it was worth it!
 The usual suspects
 Other girls from work who were also at the concert
And finally here are some photos from last week at nose work!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Visitors and on the road again!

Tuesday night until Thursday morning I friend came and stayed with us and brought her baby. We had a lot of fun visiting, eating, drinking, shopping and going to Silver dollar city. 

Friday the dogs and i hit the road for an AKC scentwork rrial. We stopped at my parents new home site to see the construction progress and the dogs enjoyed the chance to run and explore. Then on to Columbia!

Legend has been doing great and feeling awesome and she was very excited to get to play this weekend. She was as hyped up as ever, just not as accurate. She did pick up an excellent container Q and an excellent interior Q with a second place. Today she’s not feeling so good but since she’s been so good for so long I’m hoping it’s just a little GI bug. 

Epic was a little rockstar going 7/8 and creeping quite close to his novice elected titles. He picked up two firsts and one fourth place. As a side note he’s also been making a lot of agility progress! 

Last night we had a storm and a dead tree fell on the gate. But everyone is ok. 

Hopefully everyone feels better tomorrow and gets a good nights sleep!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Last day!

Our last day we went to this park area near our resort.  It had a swimming area and also a long walking/bike path along the ocean.  We walked it for awhile and it was all so beautiful and quiet.  Also there cats and chickens.  Always chickens.  Chickens everywhere.