Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Because why?

Most of you know I am against the breeding of 99.99% of all dogs. The obvious reason being the pet overpopulation and the great dogs you can get in shelters and rescues. So here are some of the other reasons not to breed your dog that I have heard many "confused" people use as reasons for breeding their dog. All of them left the clinic with a handout about responsible breeding and the millions of euthanized pets plus a spay/neuter estimate. Sometimes you just can't be subtle.

1. I can sell the puppies
2. I want one of my dog's babies
3. She's a Yorkie (yep-that was their reason)
4. I can sell the puppies (even if they are mixed breeds)
5. My sister wants one of the puppies
6. I think my dog is pretty
7. I can sell the puppies
8. The neighbor also has a Pomeranian
9. He/She is registered
10. Has a CGC certificate
11. I can sell the puppies
12. My mom/cousin/brother/friend wants a puppy

I guess you see the theme. So what if you think your dog is great (who doesn't), has some kind of performance title (most any dog can get at least one if you try), and has a uterus. Doesn't mean you need to breed her. And if you do actually do genetic testing and find something that is less than desirable don't breed her anyway because that's why you bought her-why bother testing. And really-if you take in a stray dog and decide to keep it, get it neutered-just common sense. Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of your nice cozy bed (where your goofy rescued cat and silly adopted border collie are keeping you warm)!


Lauren said...

It's also good to mention that it's more expensive (I've heard - you can confirm) to take care of the pregnant mother than you actually get for the puppies.

Nicki said...

Yes-done correctly you are unlikely to make any money on the puppies, but most people cut corners and don't do things the right way.