Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had a nice enough day to actually play outside today without getting frozen or muddy. Legend got to go out alone first and work some agility. She worked on fast starts, contacts and weave poles and did pretty well. Then the whole gang joined her for lots of fun times. Here's an adorable picture of Peyton I got just before we went in and she was actually still for a second. I can't believe how much she's grown-she's gained almost 3 pounds just in the time we have had her and this week her ears are doing something new-they look kind of like a sheltie right now.

And here she is taking turns harassing Legend and Zodiac. She had quite a good time running after them trying to keep up. I suspect she will take a really long nap this afternoon.

Oreo after a good roll in the grass.

Legend posing in her throw me the ball crouch.
Peyton's possible new family will be coming down on Saturday to meet her and will likely take her home if they like her ( I can't imagine they won't). We're happy that she will get a good home-she'll be an only pet and the center of all attention I'm sure, but we are going to miss her. However it will be nice not to have to take care of a puppy anymore-they sure are a lot of work. But, it's been very much worth it.


Diana said...

Peyton is just to cute. Im sure the family will love her. Diana

Lauren said...

Puppies are wonderful, but you're right, it's wonderful when they grow up too!