Sunday, December 14, 2008

Today in pictures

It was a nice enough day to spend some time playing outside with all the dogs. Here is Peyton looking adorable and watching the big dogs.
And here she is watching Legend getting ready to get her football (don't worry-we were very careful).

And finally getting in on the action herself. I know it doesn't look like a football anymore but Legend still loves it. As does Oreo.
Peyton also spent quite a bit of time tugging and chewing on Legend's tail and chasing leaves. Legend (when not being harassed) did practice a bit of agility.

I worked on a few Christmas presents-this "Cars" blanket is for our godchild-Jerry's cousin.

Icy did this most of the day...

But stopped long enough to do this...
Now we are getting ready to decorate our Christmas tree!

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Christopher said...

Adorable puppy. Gotta love the Border Collies, they're simply the best.