Sunday, August 4, 2013

A lesson

With very few exceptions we were taught in school to always take two radiographic views.  This is why.

First view-pretty straightforward looking fracture.  Routine fix for anyone who does orthopedic work.  
 Second view.  Major problems.  Broken in 3 places. This requires a specialist or amputation.
I guess some of that stuff you learn in school really is important.  


Karissa said...

Ooooh, nasty. HBC? Poor thing, did it end well?

Sara said...

Measure twice, cut once....right?

I've been having trouble leaving comments on your blog. My computer wontwont let me go to your site, saying there is malware....not sure if anyone else is having that problem. My phone doesn't seem to have an issue though.

Nicki said...

Sara-I had the same problem when using google chrome. I couldn't figure out how to fix it but I just ended up choosing a setting somewhere in chrome that basically said proceed at your own risk and disabled the warning. No issues so far.

Karissa-it was a stray dog HBC. The finder ended up keeping her and elected amputation. Also lost an eye but is doing well. And no, they didn't name her Lucky.