Thursday, August 15, 2013

New adventures

Cade needs some mental stimulation and some manners so tonight I started working with him on some obedience and targeting stuff.  He seemed to enjoy the work and got more focused the more we did.  Once he gets a few things mastered I might show him some agility equipment too.  Or maybe he will get adopted soon...but only one app so far and it was not suitable.

Lyric is starting her preparation for the therapy dog test which first requires her to pass the CGC.  We also played around with some CD skills at the same time.  So we will see how that progresses.

And since we are having unseasonable cool August weather Legend got to running with me.  So she didn't do any additional work tonight.  But, there is a tracking class starting soon that I think I'm going to take her too.  And not to forget about agility-NADAC champs are coming up at the end of next month.  I already got her confirmation so I guess we might need to also touch up our agility skills.  Still waiting to see if Lyric made it in but I guess I should probably work her too huh?

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Karissa said...

You did not get a confirmation for Lyric?! You should really e-mail Sharon about that because you should have received it by now, I would think. My friend who sent in a second chance entry for his dog that had 2 (two!!!!) Q's towards Qualifications (one Regular that he earned at Champs last year and one Weavers, that's it) got his confirmation at 2 a.m. the first day, so his was one of the first sent out (and no, he had no other dogs entered).

So yeah, Lyric definitely should have made it in. I'd ask about it without waiting too terribly long. Either post on the forum or just e-mail Sharon directly.