Saturday, August 31, 2013

Product review: Orijen freeze dried food

These have been the biggest hit so far.  We received the Regional Red flavor, but it comes in to other varieties as well.  Everyone in our house loved this food.  Even Icy-when I saw her slurping up some crumbs I offered her a chunk and she ate it up right away.

I'll admit when I first opened these it was not what I had expected.  To be honest, they sort of look like dried up horse turds!
But apparently-they are delicious!  This a fully balanced food, but I've been using it as a treat.  However I can see it's convenience as a food, especially if you are travelling as you can just pull X amount of patties out of the bag and feed them to your dog.  No scoop needed.  Maybe not even a bowl!  It might more of a hassle with a large dog though as packing large amounts of patties might be bulky.  The official feeding instructions call for breaking the patties in to quarters and adding water to re-hydrate them.  I didn't actually try this but I suspect that would make them even more appealing, esp to picky eaters, old or sick pets.

This food has a ton of different meat products in it-so potentially not great for allergic dogs but the mixture must make it very yummy.  Like most freeze dried foods they break easily into smaller pieces but can be a bit crumbly/messy if you are using them inside.

Foster dog Cade really loves them.  Which is great because we are trying to teach him to sit quietly at the door before going out-and he needed a lot of persuasion for this.  It also enticed him to put all four feet on the dogwalk which he has not been super interested in before.

Overall we were very impressed with these-I'm sure the dogs (and Icy) hope we order more!


Sara said...

These are very intriguing! My two usually turn their noses up to freeze dried meat, but maybe I need to wet it for them?

I finally figured out how to get past the "malware warning" that pops up on your blog, and can comment again.

Border Collie Mom said...

I used to feed Orijen, and Maggie did well on it, but it seems wrong for those of us here in the midwest to import beef from Canada...

Diana said...

I bought Orijen Freeze dried chicken. It did mixed with the water very well. Made it like can dog food. My dogs love it. I just put a little on their dry dog food. These ones are in square blocks, not like your beef ones.