Live Those Songs

Lyric is an 9 year old, spayed female Pomeranian.  She was adopted when her previous owner elected to put her to sleep rather than treat her for heartworms.  We are Lyric's third home, she has been with us since August 2009.

AKC Agility Titles

Novice Agility Jumper  10/2/10
Novice Agility 10/30/10
Open Agility Jumper 10/30/10
Open Agility 12/5/10
Agility Excellent Jumper 12/4/10
Agility Excellent 5/20/11
Master Excellent Jumper 6/19/11
Master Bronze Jumper 7/1/12 (retroactive)

NADAC Agility Titles

Novice Agility Certificate  12/18/10
Novice Jumpers Certificate 12/19/10
Novice Tunnelers Certificate 4/24/11
Novice Weavers Certificate 5/29/11
Novice Touch and Go Certificate 12/18/11
Open Agility Certificate 4/23/11
Open Jumpers Certificate 7/23/11
Open Weavers Certificate 4/29/12
Open Tunnelers Certificate 7/22/12
Open Touch N Go Certificate 7/20/13
Elite Agility Certificate 7/24/11
Elite Jumpers Certificate 7/21/12
Elite Tunnelers Certificate 5/27/13
Elite Touch N Go Certificate 7/19/14
Outstanding Elite Jumpers Certificate 7/7/13
Superior Elite Jumpers Certificate 7/20/14
Outstanding Elite Tunnelers Certificate 11/16/14

Other Accomplishmemts

Uturn Studios Pet Model 2012
Banfield Annual Ad Campaign-2013 Model
Elanco Model 2013
2013 NADAC Championships Qualifier
2013 #3 Pom NADAC Jumpers
2013 #4 Pom NADAC Regular
AKC Canine Good Citizen
Certified Pet Therapy Dog

Lyric's Gallery