Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Visual Aid

The first picture is of a "normal" uterus.  The second is a uterus from a large breed, overweight, in-heat dog.

Which surgery do you think is more difficult and prone to complications?  If you picked the second one, you are correct.  So maybe don't wait until your dog is in this condition to get her spayed.


Sara said...


Karissa said...

Was it an emergency? Why would anyone push forward with a spay while the dog was still in heat?

The "visual aid" was very educational, though. I've always known it is a difficult and complicated surgery to spay while the dog is in heat, and now I know why! Oh my.

Nicki said...

It was not an emergency. She came in through the low cost spay/neuter service. I have no idea why they waited until now to get it done. But we never send people away-usually too hard to get them back in, especially before the dog gets pregnant!