Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Funraiser Weekend

As usual we spent Memorial Day weekend at Purina Farms for the NADAC Funraiser.  As usual, there was rain, sun, heat, and cold all squeezed into one weekend.  But, all weather conditions aside, the girls ran very well.

We'll start with Legend.  I had her entered in 16 runs, but apparently forgot to run her in Touch and Go round 2.  So not counting that run, she ended up with 9/15 Qs.  But most importantly she got her last Q for nationals and picked up 2 more chances Qs.  She was not hugely fast this weekend but for the most part she ran well.  She take a tumble off the dogwalk but seemed ok and got right back on.  And I forgot the course in one of her jumpers runs.  So that might have been two more Qs we lost through no real fault of hers.  She had two a-frame refusals which I guess we can live with for a long weekend.  What we can't live with is that she lost another chances Q for bailing the down contact again!  Grrr.  Other than that, she ran really nicely in chances all weekend.  We are now down to just 4 Chances for her NATCH now.  So, our original plan was not to go to the 4th of July trial if she has all her points for champs, but if we go it gives us an outside chances of getting her NATCH at home (she would need to go 4/5).  So I guess we'll give it a shot.  Also, at the end of a long, weekend and hot morning she ran a tunnelers course in 6.22 yps.  I think that's the fastest she has ever been.  Or close anyway.  And that finished her Outstanding Elite Tunnelers title.

Lyric was just a little rock star this weekend.  After last year's unrewarding 0/16 experience at this trial I only entered her in 10 events.  But not only did she Q in 6 of them she ran as hard as she could in every single run.  She worked hard for me no matter what-in the rain, in the heat, in the sun, you name it.  And she was nailing weave poles all weekend long, and fast too.  I was truly amazed at her.  She only had two weaving errors all weekend.  And she even did the dogwalk tunnel discimination once when it was the dogwalk!!  The other times she took the tunnel whether it was correct or not but she did all the tunnel a-frame choices right.  There might be hope for her yet! And she finished her Elite tunnelers title.

Here are some of the videos from the weekend.  I'll post some pics later.

On the down side I was sick all weekend and Zodiac got diarrhea while we were gone.  We both seem to be getting better, although him a little faster than me.


dog day care franchise opportunities said...

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Breanna said...

Congrats on qualifying for Champs! We're working our way towards them but I think we'll have to pray for second entry since she's so young and we're going for Superior Titles in everything :)

Nicki said...

Lyric will be trying to get in on a second chance entry too. Good luck!

Karissa said...

Huge congrats on the Chances Q's in particular! You guys are getting so close now!

And woohoo on the Tunnelers YPS, especially at the end of the weekend. :)

I hope we get to line up by you in the 8" class at Champs. Kaiser is infatuated with little fluffy dogs and I bet he'd just love Lyric. lol (Me too, I just want to squish her!)

Nicki said...

We'll have to plan a play date for Lyric and Kaiser and see what they think of each other!