Sunday, August 28, 2016

Last update

Yesterday we drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was pretty crowded and a lot of parking lots were full, plus we didn't have much time so we really didn't get to see the best stuff but did get a few good pics in and around the park.  We drove up the highest visitor center-the scenery along the way was only ok but  the road was terrifying in places as it is just on the edge of the cliff with no guardrail.  I wish we could have seen some of the better places but we had already seen so much by that point it was ok.

Today we made the long drive back home to piles of mail and an empty fridge, but very happy puppies!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Another road trip update

Yesterday at the end of our drive we hit Arches National Park. We didn't have time to see it all, and some of the arches are down trails we definitely didn't have time for. It was pretty but I actually thought there would be more arches!

 Today we drove to Colorado and will spend tomorrow here before heading back Sunday. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

More road trip!

We spent a second day in San Francisco and honestly, we think this city is overrated.  The Golden Gate Bridge is cool, but other than that we didn't really see anything spectacular.  And any way you try to get around is kind of a nightmare.  But we did see Fisherman's wharf, take a bus tour and a sunset cruise.  We really wanted to go to Alcatraz but apparently you have to book those tours weeks in advance.  We did not know this.  But we did sail by it on our cruise.
The sea lions that hang out on the pier are also entertaining.  They are active and loud during the day and then in the evening they are all asleep.

Then we headed over to Yosemite National Park which did not disappoint.  The scenery was spectacular and the squirrels were really tame.  The only downside, it's a little harder to get around and see stuff than at yellowstone.  Everything is kind of spread out and you need to take the bus around to most places in the valley or hike a long way so with just a few days it's hard to be effecient.  But we did get to see some cool stuff. However, some of the lakes and waterfalls are dry this time of year.

Last for today is Death Valley.  Most of what we say was dirt and rocks but the sand dunes were pretty cool.  The pictures don't really do it justice.  And just in case you were wondering the highest temp we hit was 118. And yes, that's hot.

 Tonight we are staying in Vegas, did not win big but had fun.  Tomorrow on to  Utah.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Road trip update with pictures!

First up, Yellowstone pics!
We saw a lot of elk.

 New camera effects...

 I love the swans
 This one almost looks like a painting

 The grand canyon of yellowstone

 Grand Prismatic Basin

 Old Faithful

 The water in this thermal pool looks so perfect and inviting-but apparently it will burn you alive if you get in, which is not allowed for multiple obvious reasons. 

The drive to Idaho was easy-only about 4 hours!  We stopped to see Shoshone Falls which is known as the Niagra of the West.  It was pretty, but this time of year it's not quite as spectacular as it would be in the spring or earlier in the summer.  We stayed at a local KOA again in Idaho.  It was a lot warmer for sleeping-very comfortable and this KOA was not as busy so other than road noise it was quieter too.  We enjoyed the outdoor pool and "room service" dinner delivered to our campsite.

The next day we made the long drive across Oregon (which is apparently only scenic along the coast, the rest is more like Wyoming) and spent the night (in a hotel!) in Northern California.  In the morning we took a foggy walk along the harbor and watched the seals (so cute!) and the pelicans. Then it was off to drive through the Redwoods and on to San Francisco.

Today we spent navigating our way to and from the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was pretty foggy and cloudy all day but apparently it gets much worse than this so we are supposed to count ourselves lucky!  We ran all the way across the bridge and back which was fun, but pretty crowded and loud.  This evening we met up with my old college friend and her family for dinner and all had a really pleasant visit.  Tomorrow, more touring of the city.

We are hoping for more sun tomorrow, but the camera did some fun things today even with the fog and clouds.