Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Road trip update-no pics

I was really hoping to be able to post some pictures by now but the wifi at the campground can't seem to connect the camera to my iPad. So you'll have to wait. 

Sunday we got up and put in a run at the local greenway trail and then headed on to our campground. Yes, we are camping for a portion of this vacation. It was cheaper and we could stay close to the parks and have a new experience. We are staying at a KOA which really has everything we need and the pleasant evening temps are nice to enjoy the extra time outside. The overnight temps and air mattress sleeping is not awesome, but we have survived so far. 

Yesterday we spent a very long day at Yellowstone. We saw elk, swans, bison and chipmunks. We also enjoyed a lot of good scenery and interesting geological structures. We made a few short hikes to waterfalls as well. Then we had dinner in the little tourist town near the entrance and headed back to the camp. 

This morning we returned to Yellowstone and visited Old Faithful (which really isn't the best thing in the park) and many other thermal basins and geysers as well as Yellowstone Lake. Then we returned to the camp a little earlier for a rest and a run. Next up is dinner, bed, and off to Idaho tomorrow!

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