Monday, February 27, 2017

More updates and what's going on

Riot-is a fantastic 3 legged dog. He's so fast and agile. It's amazing. He has an application pending  which makes me happy and sad. He's a really neat dog, and other than the obsessive cat watching very well behaved!

Havoc-got his staples out and is getting stronger all the time. He's sweet, but not as well behaved. He's been spending time in the barn helping me take care of slick. He got bored today. 

Slick is doing so much better. She has been eating everything we put in front of her the last few days. She is finishing a course of probiotics and some very expensive ulcer medication. 

Legend and I ran a 5k last weekend. I let her decide the pace and we got a 25:48 which was not bad for an 11 year old dog! In a few weeks I'm running a non-dog race so we will see how much faster I can be!
This weekend we visited my parents and sister, saw some friends and went to listen to a friend of mine who sings in a band. We got a lot done and had a good time. 

My sister got me this awesome giraffe. 

Also Lollipop and Barney have been helping with Slick's medication. They wanted everyone to know. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Puppies for adoption!

The boys are doing super-Riot is back to a fully functional dog-and so we worked on some "get me adopted" photos this weekend and they turned out well!  So they wanted to share how cute they.                                           










How can anyone resist?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Updates, updates, updates

Riot-this boy is back to being a wild child. You would never know he had been so sick. Yesterday he finally got his amputation, and I was able to find both testicles externally so he also got neutered.  He was already walking around last night and even using the stairs. He's pretty good at down but sometimes needs carried up. I didn't figure it would be a huge adjustment for him since he didn't use the leg much anyway. 

Havoc-is about 10 days out of surgery and is healing great. He's getting around well, learned how to climb out of the ex-pen, run around, fetch and is using some stairs. Both are super sweet and hopefully will be easy place. And we have so far kept Havoc safe Parvo!

Slick- had a mild episode of colic a few weeks ago. She did well but has seemed a little not herself lately. Monday she started not eating well and Tuesday started having diarrhea. We send some blood out which looked ok. We also have a fecal panel pending. Meanwhile we have started symptomatic and non-specific treatment after consulting with an equine internist at the university. Over the past 24 hours her appetite is some improved but still having diarrhea.  But we haven't started all the meds yet. Had to order them. We are hoping for the best but know that these issues can be pretty serious in older horses. 

Everyone else seems fine. The house cats shared an episode of sneezing excessively. Each did so for about a week. Legend has gotten into a few NW trials for the spring so we will continue our quest to get to the elite division. 

I've been enjoying the unseasonable February weather since I have been washing puppies and doctoring horses. But I'm sure I'll enjoy the weather in Aruba in May even more!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Academy award winner

The video for the Legend's dog food bag is finally available! It's on the Diamond Care website and also on YouTube. It's fun to see the footage all out together and also have seen how it was all shot. 

I think it should win all the awards!  But maybe I'm biased. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When it rains

Apparently it pours. This puppy was presented to the clinic Monday after being run over in the driveway and getting his femur shattered. Owners were not interested in spending a lot so he was surrendered to rescue. Everyone, meet "Havoc."

He's about four months old had surgery yesterday to amputate his back right leg as it was broken in multiple places. He's been a trooper-wagging his tail and getting everyone to give him treats and rub his belly. He's not getting around much yet, but his surgery was pretty intense as I wanted to get out as much bone as possible. 

Today we bleach mopped the garage floor as a precaution and he will be staying there and walking only in the front yard until he is protected from parvo. Since Riot had contaminated everything else!

One day post op...


Friday, February 3, 2017

Step one

Well I think we have the parvo beat. Riot is doing much better after a very long week of ups and downs. But he's off all his meds, eating and drinking well and playing again. He lost a few pounds while he was sick so we are going to let him get his strength back for a few weeks and then do his leg surgery.