Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When it rains

Apparently it pours. This puppy was presented to the clinic Monday after being run over in the driveway and getting his femur shattered. Owners were not interested in spending a lot so he was surrendered to rescue. Everyone, meet "Havoc."

He's about four months old had surgery yesterday to amputate his back right leg as it was broken in multiple places. He's been a trooper-wagging his tail and getting everyone to give him treats and rub his belly. He's not getting around much yet, but his surgery was pretty intense as I wanted to get out as much bone as possible. 

Today we bleach mopped the garage floor as a precaution and he will be staying there and walking only in the front yard until he is protected from parvo. Since Riot had contaminated everything else!

One day post op...


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