Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Veterinary excitement

Here are just some random cases I have seen lately that were interesting.

This is a cat in respiratory distress.  Her lungs are full of fluid.  Lungs should be more black but hers are mostly white.  This is bad.  Owners declined referral or aggressive therapy and she did not make it.  She may not have anyway, it's been a few weeks but I remember thinking it was pretty guarded.

There are "papers" from a puppy mill.  Both breeds in this high dollar mutt are spelled wrong.
This was a large breed dog having a birthing difficulty.  She has a uterine torsion-where the uterus twists on itself.  This is very rare as far as I know.  I have never seen it in a dog but I don't really do much repro work.  We spayed her and she did well.  The puppies did not survive.
The last one is a dog that got his paw shut in a window accidentally.  This was two weeks after the incident. I am waiting on the follow up to see how he does.

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