Friday, April 19, 2013

Now Hiring

We are currently taking applications for a kennel position at the clinic.  And it's a sad state of affairs.  I realize this is not the kind of job that attracts rocket scientists but seriously, people need to do better than this. Along with the mandatory qualifications of loving animals and being a pet owner (along with a detailed description of all the pets they own) the following gems were found in the applications.


Under special skills and training:
security and massage therapy (interesting combo)
6 wpm (this is certainly a "special" skill-hopefully a typo?)

One person admitted to hating cats.

One gave no last name for one of their references.

One has not held a job longer than 6 months in twelve years.

Another applicant was "layed" off from a previous job.

And finally, if your mom comes to pick up the application, talks about how wonderful you are, and then announces she will bring the application back after you fill it out, you are probably not getting the job.


Paint Girl said...

Lol!! When I worked in retail management, I absolutely could not believe the spelling errors etc on applications! It amazes me what people actually say on apps too. I mean you have to be honest but you aren't going to impress anyone if you can't spell!
Hope you find someone!

K-Koira said...

Wow. That is amazing. Do these people have no idea what that jagged red line under typed words is for?

Sarah said...

Those are hilarious. Right before Emma was born, I had a temporary job in the HR department of an alternative high school where I had access to all the job applications and resumes they had received over the years. Some of them were so appalling to me that I actually made copies of them to take home and show Steve. I'm sure I was probably breaking some laws, but I couldn't believe the atrocious grammar and spelling of people who were applying to be TEACHERS.

Karissa said...

Yeah... I wish what you are experiencing is rare, but sadly it's happening everywhere and even in industries that actually require a bit of education!

I don't know if they just aren't covering English & grammar in school anymore or what. My 20 year old cousins are an embarrassment and can't write to save their lives. Do we blame texting? Facebook? Either way, apparently this stuff isn't being covered in schools like it used to be.

I'm one of those weird people who would love to have a part time job as a kennel assistant. The last time a position opened up at my clinic I was between jobs and couldn't commit not knowing what my schedule would be. We'll see how things are when something opens up again - I just think it would be way better than working at the shelter....

Diana said...

OMG, that is just so sad!!

Jan Jesky said...

Hooray for the No Child Left Behind Act! Our tax dollars at work!