Tuesday, July 24, 2012

That's a new one

A woman arrived at the clinic the other day with a question for the vet.  Great. When I arrived in the lobby she warned  me that it was a strange question.  I assured her we get those all the time.

So her story goes like this.  Several months ago their dog died and they buried it in the yard.  Last night something dug it up.  Her question...what dug up their dog?  Really?  How am I supposed to know?  I suggested it was most likely another dog or a  coyote.  Not that it really would have helped but she didn't even bring a picture of the "crime scene."  Just expected I would know what animals go around digging up carcasses.  Apparently she had been researching this online all morning as they were concerned it might be "something weird" that they "needed to take care of."

Another day, another wacko.


Sara said...

LOL. Well, you guys are the animal experts.

Hopefully she googled "motion activated cameras", 'cause that may be the only way to solve this crime.

Greg S said...

I buried a stray cat that got hit by a car and two days later it had been dug up and was gone. I never thought that I should ask a Vet what dug it up - I just presumed a coyote and went on with my day!

Kathy said...

Ok let me get this straight.....you mean, YOU DIDN'T KNOW? Hahahaha, I wonder what she thought it was....She might have had an interesting theory! :-).

Kim said...

If you all live in an area where there are bears, then I'd bet it was a bear. They do it more often than coyotes will. "The deader the better" is a bears motto ;)

Nicki said...

Bears are uncommon here, but not totally unheard of.