Friday, July 6, 2012

And away she goes

In an unusually fast moving adoption process, Savannah went to her new home yesterday!  We got a really great application on her from a family in Colorado and the husband just happened to be in MO visiting family this week.  They had previously adopted from another rescue whom we trust so went off their records for vet care and home visit.  Amazingly, with only 1-2 days notice we got everything arranged for her to be picked up yesterday afternoon.  They want her to be an agility dog as their other border collie has a bad elbow and can't compete.  It sounds like a great home-they seem very devoted to their dogs.

And peace returns to our house again!

In other news Lyric got to do another "foreign" teeter this week and went right up it like a champ.  I had to decide what to do about entries for an October trial and I went out on a limb and entered her in standard all three days.  Surely by October she'll be over this?  Right?

It's been too hot to do much else but I did put Legend through a few sequences this evening when it was only 95 outside.  She was wound up as usual from all day in the house and didn't seem to mind it being a bit warm.


Sara said...

That's great, although I'll miss seeing her photos/videos!

Karissa said...

Congratulations Savannah! :o)

LauraK said...

Maybe someday I'll get to see Miss Savannah on the Colorado agility circuit! Yay for a new home!

Kathy said...

wow, the house must seem so quiet. sounds like she got a great home and will be kept busy ;) Glad she will be doing agility she seemed like such an awesome puppy!