Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ramblings from the "other family doctor"

OK. So I have a t-shirt that says "Trust Me-I'm a Doctor" which I was wearing today at Wal-mart when some one stopped and informed he had the same shirt. I didn't stay and chat but my guess is that he is not a doctor as most people with this shirt are likely not. But it did make me think that many people are out there who still think a vet is not a doctor. Now, not to discredit M.D.s but how did they get lucky enough to only work on one species and it happens to be the one that speaks? Do they know how much easier my job would be some days if I could just get one animal to talk? This is just an example of how one of my appointments might go...

Someone brings in a cat. Outdoor cat. Not eating. May be drinking. Owner knows nothing else since the cat lives outside. Had some vaccines a few years back and an OTC dewormer last summer. Cat has nothing to add to the conversation. Now figure out what's wrong but don't spend a lot money because after all he's a "stray" that they have been feeding for 8 years. Oh, and medications X, Y, and Z that you might want to use are not approved for cats. Um, when was the last time the ER doctor had to deal with that scenario? Now who's job is harder. Again, I'm sure there are many talented doctors out there but there is no way anyone can say a vet is not a "real" doctor.

And finally some questions I really wish some of my patients could answer

Where does it hurt?

When does it hurt?

What were you doing when it happened?

Did you eat a rock?

Did you eat a dead animal?

Did you eat a stuffed toy, piece of string, anything from the garbage, etc, etc?

Did you eat/drink anything toxic/poison?

Can you really not pee or does your owner just think you can't because if you can I will see you after my lunch break and not during

Is that bodily fluid in your cage urine or vomit?

What kind of food do you normally eat because your owner can only remember that it comes from the pet store?

And finally...do you think you could be pregnant?


Anonymous said...

I don't know if that made you feel better, but it certainly made my job look a lot easier.

love mom

Anonymous said...

I always did consider you a real doctor.


manymuddypaws said...

great post!

Firefly Nights said...

I'd always heard that the hardest school to get into was vet school, then dental school, and then medical school so to me, that puts vets up at the top of the medical hierarchy.