Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Unusual: Part 9

1.  Caller wanted to know if they could spay their own dog, and wasn't it just like gutting a deer.  No, and no.  Unless they don't want the dog live, I guess.

2.  In April we took a call from a person whose dog had been hit by a car and killed over the winter.  They covered it in rocks.  Their question was can it still be cremated.  Well, yet, but please bring it in double bagged.

3.  Referring to parvo as "provo"

4.  Dog presented for acting painful and not moving.  While the dog did appear to have back pain further questioning indicated that they had give the less than 10 lb dog an undisclosed amount of OxyContin.  This may have contributed to the lethargy.

5.  Clients wanted to know if they could take their dog currently hospitalized for parvo (a very contagious disease spread via infectious feces) out for a walk in the clinic yard.  Um, no.  For so many reasons, no.

6.  Repeatedly referring to their pet as "it"

7.  Using the sentence "my dog might have been impregnated by a dingo."  We don't have dingos here ma'am.

8.  Client was concerned that his dog might develop a red meat allergy from a tick bite.  Apparently this might be real in people (supposedly happened to him) but not in dogs that we could ascertain.

9.  Client reported their dog will stop breathing when it lays down and they have to massage it get it started again and it has been going on for a month.  Turns out this dog has an arrhythmia and I think it was having snycopal (fainting) episodes.

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Sara said...

Oh my.....I'm glad #1 called you before trying it!