Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More Random Musings

Is there anything you can't get on Amazon?

Wikipedia might be the best invention ever.

Who was the first person to think declawing a cat was ok?  And why did people just go along with that?

Why do you have to answer so many questions at the gas pump?

Is merging onto the highway just not taught anymore?  Because people seem widely unfamiliar with the process.

How do some people get on Wheel of Fortune?  It's sad.  Really.

You never notice how hilly your street is until you are driving on ice or running.


Karissa said...

All valid questions. Especially on declawing cats. Who came up with that? And why do you suppose nobody started declawing dogs? Maybe we mutilate them in enough other ways as it is?

We have a lot of road construction going on here at the moment and the merging thing is annoying me greatly. Namely, apparently the "yield" sign means "barge into traffic because you obviously own the entire highway."

LOL to Wheel of Fortune. Right?! It always makes you think, "Man, if only I could get on the show!"

Nicki said...

I've had people call and ask to have their dog declawed. I think the main difference is dogs (and rabbits) don't have retractable claws and bear weight on those digits. But still, I don't know that makes it ok for a cat!

I've seen a lot of people slow down and stop at the end of the entrance ramp. Seriously, how did they think was going to work?

Greg S said...

Amazon is my go-to place. They do have everything, and usually cheaper than anywhere else.

My aunt was on Wheel probably 20 years ago. Won a bunch of furniture I believe.

Karissa said...

Was that in the good years, Greg? "Pat, I'd like the porcelain dalmatian." Now it's just cars and money. lol