Friday, July 11, 2014

Double trouble

The kitten is very energetic.  We felt she needed a playmate and we needed a calico cat.

As it so happened I agreed to stop by the shelter Thursday afternoon and do an amputation on a surrendered hit-by-car dog.  Of course, the shelter had kittens.

Therefore, I present to you....


and of course MIST, whom you have already met.

They are both very sweet.  They are having a lot of fun playing together and with all the new toys I got them.  Their personalities are a little different.  Mist is wild, into everything, will eat whatever you put in front of her, loves toys, wrestles aggressively, but still cuddles.  She also likes iPad games.  Yes, you can get iPad games for your cat.

Twist (who has a twisted, kinky little tail) is also sweet, and likes toys, but is not quite as wild, fearless, or adventurous.  At least so far.

They are not Icy, for sure, but they help.  And we will love them for whoever they turn out to be.

Funny story about Twist-when the shelter asked how much I wanted to be paid for the amputation, I said I just wanted to trade for the kitten.  They were shocked that that's all  I wanted.  They offered the kitten and money, but I just took the kitten.  Seemed like a good deal to me.  And also to them, since the local vet quoted $1000 for it (which is way high for this area) and none of the other shelter vets would do it.  Anyway, it was a win for the shelter, me, the kitten, and the puppy who got his leg taken care of rather than euthanized.


Diana said...

Congrats on your two kittens. They are so cute! And thanks for helping the dog hit by the car too!

zoepheedogs said...

Oh my goodness, I am in cuteness overload! The kittens are adorable!! I'm so glad you got your little one a playmate! I have 3 kitties and one of them also has a twisted bob tail just like Twist. If you go to my blog and click on the link for "Lilly" you can see her! :D I hope the dog heals quickly from his amputation! ~hugs~

Karissa said...

You are an awesome person. Congrats on the second new kitty. Two kittens are definitely better than one.