Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Unusual: Part 11

1.  After recommending a dental cleaning for their pet a client announced he didn't want to do that because his son's dog who was similar age had a surgery done (at another clinic) and his "insides never work up" and he died a terrible death on the kitchen floor.  Now obviously because the pets are the same age the same fate is in store for this little dog.  Of no concern is what kind of anesthesia was used, what was wrong with the dog in the first place, was any pre-operative testing done, etc.  It also begs the question, why didn't they seek any medical attention if the dog wasn't doing well?

2.  Client came into the clinic requesting dewormer because they could "smell iron on the dog's breath" so that meant it must have worms.

3.  Pets were spayed/neutered prior to leaving for a rescue transport, caretaker asked if they needed some antibiotics to reduce travel stress.  Huh?

4.  Client thought sardines could be used to deworm their dog.

5.  Owner made an appointment because dog hadn't eaten in three days and was having diarrhea.  Turns out he hadn't eaten in 3 days because the owner refused to feed him anything during the diarrhea.  For future reference we told him 24 hours of fasting was enough, please don't starve your dog for 3 days.

6.  Owner covered dog in bacon grease as a treatment for fleas and demodex.  FYI this doesn't work.  Equally as disturbing is the fact that they had this much bacon grease on hand.

7.  Owners found a worm in their bed.  For reasons I don't want to think about they assumed it came from them and brought it to their doctor, who sent it to the MAYO clinic. Where a tapeworm was diagnosed.  They then came to the clinic, MAYO report in hand and we gave them some meds for their dog.  Now, I consider my dogs well cared for and pretty parasite free, but if I find a worm in the house, I'm going to think DOG first.

8.  One morning a woman parked outside the clinic dressed in her underwear and tried to give away her dog (a chihuahua named Batman) to clients as they walked in the door, because he steps on her feet.  Our receptionist  went out, took the dog and told the woman she needed to leave.  The dog is still in our custody because he bites all but about three people.

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