Thursday, November 5, 2015

Foods and presentations from around the world

In preparation for International Education week all the exchange students had to put together a presentation on their home country. Yesterday we all gathered as a group to hear them.  Many of them also dressed in native costume.
Some of the students will be presenting again at their school as part of the IEW.  I'm not sure Ozark has this planned so Nadin may luck out and not need to give hers again.  But, it was very good!

The presentations were all interesting, but it was a long afternoon and evening when you combined 15 kids talking along with some technical difficulties.
The other part of the day was foods from around the world.  Nadin prepared Kushari with some help from Jerry.
Each student spoke briefly about their food and then we all got to try them!

The lighting in the room was terrible, so these are as good as I could get the pictures.

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