Monday, November 2, 2015

What's going on around here

Zodiac had his senior bloodwork this week and it mostly looked good, urine sample looked good too.  He has a few little lumps and bumps but heart sounds good and basically he just had old dog problems.  He doesn't get around so good-but can if he really wants too, and he has some vision and hearing loss but muddles along.  I also got most of his teeth cleaned with him awake.  He didn't love it, but and it's not ideal or as thorough as with anesthesia, but it's about 75% better which is good enough for me at this point.

We had plans to go hiking with friends on Saturday but rain was in the forecast, and Socks had escaped the pasture again this week so we needed to spend that day working on the fence.  Until we got the fence fixed we had to lock them in the corral which has a infestation of  cockleburrs that I let get out of control.  This resulted in disastrous results for their hair.  I ended up cutting off most of Squirt's mane and still working on his tail.  Sock is so fuzzy that not only is his mane and tail a mess he also had them on his body and his leg feathering.  Sadly, I think I will have to also cut his mane off.  But it will grow was just so long and pretty. I have not even attempted this project yet.  But hopefully they are safely confined now.  Thanks to our neighbor for putting him away the first time and alerting to his escapades the second time.  And thanks to Jerry for going home at lunch to get him.

Nadin got invited to a friend's house for Halloween where she got to experience trick or treating which she said was "awesome because you get free candy."

I have not run since the race in South Carolina but have have been getting a lot done at home.  Running is planned to start tomorrow again.

Legend has been off Nosework since the trial, but class starts up again this week so we will be preparing for (hopefully) the NW2 trial in December.

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