Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Easter is coming

I've been working on some spring/Easter projects the last few weeks. Some will stay here but some are going to donations for local animal rescue related fundraisers. They were fun to do and I think they turned out cute. I still have stuff leftover so I may try and do a few more. 




Monday, March 27, 2017


Good news in this week's race report. The weather was chilly and raining, but the course was flat for the Frisco Highline Run. I actually ended up winning the women's division. It wasn't a big race, but still, it was nice!
My time was 23:56 but before you get all excited the course was only 3 miles. I don't understand when they are doing a race like this where you can put the turn around anywhere (it's an old paved train track) why you wouldn't put it in the right spot?  Anyway, it was still a good time and getting me closer to my goal!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

NW3-the quest continues

Last weekend Legend and I headed off to Moline, IL for another NW3 try. It was the one year anniversary of our first and only NW3 so I was hoping that was a good omen. 


We made the whole drive up on Friday and relaxed at the hotel. Legend showed an interest in reading my book. But I'm not finished with it yet. 😉

Saturday I volunteered. Luckily I got an inside job since it was cold. I got to be judges steward for interiors so enjoyed watching all those searches. We got in a little walk around the hotel after working. Legend really wanted to swim but I told her it may not be safe. Plus she just had a bath. 

Sunday we started with exteriors. We found two hides and I felt good about it.  I'll come back to containers. Vehicles went well, one hide. One car was interesting to her but no odor. I felt good about being able to tell the difference. Interiors went very smoothly. I think that interiors is one of our strengths. 

Back to containers. 3 rows of four bags. I searched  all three down, no luck. Went the opposite way on the first row and found one hide. Checked the middle row the opposite way, nothing. And then, for whatever reason decided not to check the third row the oppotoe direction. After I called finish and started to leave the search area she practically laid down on another bag in the third row.  I was hoping maybe it was a really good distractor. It wasn't. Oops. 

So basically we got no false alerts and found all the hides. Should have been a pass if it weren't for me! Overall I think my confidence is coming back and I've noticed I don't really worry about the time pressure. She's quick and we try to be efficient. I didn't get any 30 second warnings this weekend. And we earned our NW3-vehicle title. So overall a pretty good outing. 

In two weeks we head to Kentucky to try it again!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Urinary tract issues

Today we say a dog that had been seen months ago for some bladder stones and also a calcified renal pelvis (the central part of the kidney).  The dog never came back for any follow up.  Today she presented very ill.  Repeat rads showed several issues-the left kidney was about 3 times the size of normal, there was still calcification of the right renal pelvis, and the bladder stones were huge, possibly even causing a urinary obstruction. 


The blood work indicated the dog was also in renal failure.  Some of this could be acute from a possible obstruction, but there could also be a chronic component because she had weight loss and we knew some of these issues had been going on awhile.   The owners declined referral to a specialty center so we did what we could.

We performed surgery to remove the stones, started the dog on a high rate of IV fluids and appropriate medications.  Now we are just waiting to see what kind of response we get.  

Here are the stones post op.  FYI this was a small breed dog. 


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Puppies, running and more

Riot got adopted! I'm a little sad but happy too. His new family was so excited to get him. They drove all they way from Arizona with two kids and a cat to pick him up. He will be very much loved and spoiled. I hear a new name is pending. Here are a few pics from after his about to be adopted bath. He's so handsome. 


And one of the two buddies. 

Legend and I joined Lindsay and company for the payin for the spayin run to benefit the local shelter. She was 2nd runner with a dog and 1st female. I was 3rd runner with a dog and 2nd female. It was a hilly run and I think a little more than Legend bargained for. 

It's been storming today. Made for a long drive home. Here is the hail we had at work. 

And here is Legend's Easter card!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

All horses, all the time

Slick is doing well. I've been working on figuring out what combination of senior feed and soaked alfalfa cubes works to maintain a good weight. 

Socks is on a diet. He does not like it because he gets stalled at night. He's going to like it less when he grass starts growing and he has to stay up in the dry lot most of the time. 

Squirt is the easy one. He just needs his feet cleaned. 

When I'm not taking care of puppies, im just feeding and rearranging horses to the right spot. Lollipop helps. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

All puppies, all the time

They boys are doing well. They have decided that playing together, wrestling, and sharing toys is more fun than being possessive and selfish and now they are the best of friends. 

We have some pretty cute video too. They are good free entertainment. 

Riot is getting adopted though. The family is driving all the way from Arizona on their vacation time to get him. They are very excited and I'm happy he will have such a good home. 

Oh, he also passed his kid test, which is good since he will have kids in his new home. 

No apps on Havoc yet. He's cute, but he's also the naughty one. 

But I'm sure they will start rolling in shortly. 

We are also having a MOKAN fundraiser if anyone needs any thirty-one products!