Thursday, March 9, 2017

Puppies, running and more

Riot got adopted! I'm a little sad but happy too. His new family was so excited to get him. They drove all they way from Arizona with two kids and a cat to pick him up. He will be very much loved and spoiled. I hear a new name is pending. Here are a few pics from after his about to be adopted bath. He's so handsome. 


And one of the two buddies. 

Legend and I joined Lindsay and company for the payin for the spayin run to benefit the local shelter. She was 2nd runner with a dog and 1st female. I was 3rd runner with a dog and 2nd female. It was a hilly run and I think a little more than Legend bargained for. 

It's been storming today. Made for a long drive home. Here is the hail we had at work. 

And here is Legend's Easter card!

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