Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Unusual: Part 13

Wow, 13 of these posts!  I guess in a way that's not surprising.  Here ya go...

1.  Client wanted to know if we sold or knew of a flea shampoo he could use on himself.  Kudos for being proactive, but...gross.  

2.  Owner asked if the flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives he was using was making his dog 'big."  Um no, they don't really increase natural growth potential.  

3.  I had a client FaceTime a euthanasia.  Creepy. 

4.  Client had a bleeding steer that they wanted treated, but couldn't catch. 

5.  Borrowed this one from a friend's clinic-client wanted to know how long it took for a dog to cool after death because they thought their dog was dead but were concerned that it was still warm.  They thought it should be cold by now. 

6.  After being told to use Benadryl for their dog's swollen face they still asked if they should put baking soda on the hives. 

7.  During a routine post surgical follow up call for a neuter the owner indicated the dog was doing fine but asked why we left the penis. 

8.  Caller had concerns about her dog ingesting Monistat and gave way too many personal details.  Don't ask. 

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