Thursday, March 16, 2017

Urinary tract issues

Today we say a dog that had been seen months ago for some bladder stones and also a calcified renal pelvis (the central part of the kidney).  The dog never came back for any follow up.  Today she presented very ill.  Repeat rads showed several issues-the left kidney was about 3 times the size of normal, there was still calcification of the right renal pelvis, and the bladder stones were huge, possibly even causing a urinary obstruction. 


The blood work indicated the dog was also in renal failure.  Some of this could be acute from a possible obstruction, but there could also be a chronic component because she had weight loss and we knew some of these issues had been going on awhile.   The owners declined referral to a specialty center so we did what we could.

We performed surgery to remove the stones, started the dog on a high rate of IV fluids and appropriate medications.  Now we are just waiting to see what kind of response we get.  

Here are the stones post op.  FYI this was a small breed dog. 


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