Saturday, October 25, 2008


People are difficult. Sometimes just because they want to be. I had a client today who complained about the following things. However, she waited to start complaining until after I explained everything and then left the room and she seemed ok. Then I had to go back later and listen to her go on and on about how awful we were and how she doubted everything we did and said.

1. We did not run a urinalysis on her cat's urine until today, even though she dropped it off yesterday, was a new client not in our system, did not pay for it at the time and it was not going to affect the outcome of the appointment

2. I did not review the "records" she had brought in soon enough for her liking (they weren't records, just a list of services provided and I didn't know she brought them with her anyway) even though it also did not change the outcome of the exam.

3. She was sceptical that the treatment plan prescribed would work for her cat because she had not read about it on the internet (and she's a good researcher).

4. Did not think we gave her medication that would help her cat's discomfort despite my assurance that this was an adequate and standard treatment and then declined to take additional meds when offered.

5. Did not want to come to a discharge appointment to review the x-rays we are taking next week of the cat (which is fine-it's just that most people like to see what they paid for, even if it's normal). She seemed to find it unbelievable that people would actually want to do that.

In addition to this she was totally unconcered about the 3 year old cat's heart murmur and didn't see the point in any diagnostics because the cat is not showing any signs of a problem. I didn't see the point in having any additional discussion with her despite my concern for the cat.

I hope the cat does very well, so I do not have to deal with her much more. Also because the cat probably has enough problems living with this woman, she doesn't need to be sick as well.

On a good note, Legend's eye is looking better a little at a time and a nice client brought me a thank you card and a cookie cake today :)


Diana said...

Some people are unhappy no matter what you do. I had someone yell at me at school because their kid was getting milk at lunch and not juice. They said their child was allergic to milk. I pulled the health card the parent filled out. Sometimes they leave the allergies part blank. But this parent actually wrote "none" on the allergies line. When I showed it to them, they just said "oh". They never said sorry for yelling at me. That is just how people are. Diana

Sue said...

I've always thought the worst part of your profession must be dealing with the people. I know I'm demanding, but I try to be fair and courteous about it.

manymuddypaws said...

some people just like to be miserable and will look for any excuse to complain.

Jayme said...

Yeah some people just refuse to be happy even when all the elements to make them happy are there. Go figure.