Monday, May 9, 2011

The Unusual: Part 4

It's been a while but here is some more veterinary weirdness.  Or just plain old-fashioned stupidity.  You be the judge.

1. Caller inquiring about the existence of beetles who throw baskets of their babies onto cats

2.  Caller asking about the exact temperature at which she needed to bring in her new stray dog out of the cold 

3.  Client found a tooth in the house and wanted to know if it was from a squirrel and accidentally got carried into the house on the dog or some shoes or was it just from the dog?

4.  When asked how long their pet had not been eating the client responded with "since birth"

5.  When asked if their pet was spayed or intact a client responded "neither"

6.  Owner called to report their cat ate 12 inches of string (this is NOT a good thing) but they don't have much money and wanted to know what to do.  Pray?

7.  Client brings in her cat and her dog-who eats cats, on the same day.  After examining the cat I placed it back in the carrier.  While I am examining the dog the client lets the cat out of the carrier so now I am examining a dog who is trying to leap up and eat the cat every 3 seconds.  Seriously?

8.  Client brings in two rat terriers, one normal weight, one overweight.  While discussing the need for weight loss she informs me that "I know they are both the same breed but this one is more whippet and that one is more hound."  I realize rat terriers are likely derived from several breeds but I do not think that is a valid argument for why one dog is fat.

9.  Client who was sure her non-vaccinated, anorexic, listless puppy with vomiting and diarrhea did not have parvo because it had been sick for 3 days and wasn't dead yet. 


Paint Girl said...

Oh goodness, seriously there are a lot of people out there that should never own an animal! Ever!
I love it when you share these though. It sure makes for a good laugh!

Sara said...

People should be required to take an IQ test before getting a pet.


tervnmal said...

If you needed proof that vets truly deal with the most idiotic element of society, there it is!

Then these people come to the newspaper office . . .

Kathy said...

some of those would be so funny if it was not so sad-I do not know how you keep a straight face ;-)

Border Collie Mom said...

When I sold pharmaceuticals, I was in a pharmacy when a woman asked the lady behind the register for the "Navel Jelly" because her baby's umbilical cord had just fallen off.
(in care you are not familiar with it, Navel Jelly is acid in a gel formula to remove rust).