Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My girls

How could anyone have given them up?

Don't Shop.  Adopt.
Save a life-find your next agility dog at a shelter or rescue!


Kathy said...

It is amazing just how many amazing dogs that are waiting to be rescued...;-)

Blue said...

Beautiful photos! Rescue dogs really are the best :)

Bailey said...

I wrote a blog about this a while back. Neither person who had my two should have had dogs. I am only grateful they had the good sense to get them to a breed rescue. Life was not pleasant at home. It is much better with people who not only thought they wanted a cute pet, but understand and accept the commitement it takes to do it.

tervnmal said...

Beautiful pics and congrats on your great weekend!

Hope you've gotten the best of your cold; I am finally getting my voice back and can venture some distance from the Kleenex box and cough syrup bottle without too much risk.

Hug your special girls. (: