Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wind. Rain. Sun. Sweat. Agility.

In other words, it was time for our annual Memorial Day weekend trip to Purina Farms for the NADAC fundraiser!  Yesterday was wet and chilly and today was hot and sunny-so, pretty much typical for the end of May in St. Louis!

Although we were only able to spend two days there competing this year we still had a great time.  Legend had a feast or famine type weekend.  She qualified in all her runs yesterday (2 elite regular, and 2 elite jumpers-the jumpers were particularly nice runs) but none today.  Although she did come close in one of her elite chances runs which was nice.

Lyric only did 3 runs/day as I was worried about running her too much in the heat.  She finished her novice weavers title yesterday and came close in her other 2 runs.  Today she got her first Elite regular Q and her first Open tunnelers Q.  She still needs a bit of work on her discriminations but she is doing so well!

And, Ripley got adopted!  All in all a good time!

I have video but blogger is not interested in posting video at this time apparently.  So maybe later. 


Valeri said...

Congratulations on your runs. So glad Ripley has a good home!

Diana said...

Congrats on an awesome weekend! I'm so happy for Ripley.