Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The lighter side, aka The Unusual: Part 8

1.  Client brings in a dead cat they found by the road and wanted to know if it had been hit by a car.  While I am not psychic, I advised that was the most likely scenario.

2.  Owner wanted to watch her dog be cremated.  She was advised cremations were not actually handled by us but that we were fairly certain they would not allow that.  She then requested the video of her dog being cremated as she had seen or read about this and knew there would be a video.  I don't believe our crematory has or provides video.  But feel free to call.

3.  Owner presented her pet for possible heart attack.  When I diagnosed back pain she asked what made the dog cry out in pain.  I suggested it was the back pain.  She responded with "so, not a heart attack?"  I was unaware that crying out in pain was the predominant sign of a heart attack, which does not really even occur in dogs anyway.

4.  Owner refused to let us pull retained baby teeth in her dog.  She somehow felt this would be fatal.  But she allowed us to anesthetize and neuter him.

5.  Owner scheduled an appointment at 4:10 because that's the only time she could come in.  She arrived at 1:45.

6.  Owner repeatedly referred to a blood transfusion as a surgery.  Made for a very confusing conversation.

7.  Owner thought their cat was either hit by a car or fell out of a tree.  I'm not sure how often cats fall out of trees but it's not usually in my top two differentials for trauma.

8.  A staff member at a vet clinic asked if you induce vomiting in dogs by sticking your finger down its throat.  This person is no longer employed at a vet clinic.

9.  Owner wanted to euthanize a horse themselves but didn't want to shoot it so asked if we could send something home with them to do it.  They failed to understand, after multiple explanations, that it was illegal for us to send home with them any quantity of a lethal injectable drug, much less enough to kill a horse!

10.  A young man asked me if his "dog's balls were developing ok" since they seemed small.  It was a 16 week old puppy.

11.  Client wanted meds for a cat we had never seen.  When we explained that was not an option she called back in attempt to talk to a different staff member and requested a "refill" on meds for a cat we had seen.  FYI, this does not make you clever or tricky, but it does get your file flagged.

12.  Owner dropped off pet for vomiting but claimed no diarrhea.  Upon pickup owner declined meds for vomiting because the pet is not actually vomiting after all but did have diarrhea.  I'm unclear as to why they made the appointment since at that time they did not think the pet had diarrhea (made a point to say so) but later also insisted the dog was not vomiting, which was the reason listed for the appointment.

13.  Upon arrival for her appointment owner repeatedly asked is she should let her 100 lb dog off the leash.  Why would we want you to let your huge dog (really any dog) loose in our lobby?


Diana said...


Karissa said...

The cremation request is kind of.... creepy.

Do they teach you to keep a straight face through this kind of stuff in vet school??

Melinda Wichmann said...

This makes me feel so much better about the weird stuff that happens at the newspaper office. You win. LOL

Sara said...


Nicki said...

Nope Karissa, you gotta learn than all on your own!