Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Never ending winter

Saturday we got about 2 inches of sleet. Sunday night we got about 4-5 inches of snow on top of that.  Yay,  snow in March (insert sarcasm here).  But Monday (a day off work for me thanks to all this bad weather) was at least sunny.  So here are our March snow pictures.  Let's hope there will be no more!

Legend, with her face covered in snow, as usual.

Lyric says it's way too cold just give me the cookie! 

 Penny says she's gonna do just fine in New Hampshire.

 Zodiac...Mr. Handsome

1 comment:

Karissa said...

I will admit, snow pictures are always cute and it makes a great backdrop for some really nice dog pictures -- but it can go away now.

Penny looks so cute & happy! Her new owners will love her to bits.