Friday, March 7, 2014

Product Review: Canidae TidNips

This month we did another review for  This time we tried Canidae TidNips.

This is another soft, jerky like treat.  I like any of these that are not too greasy and also not too crumbly.  This fit the bill just fine. And they are easy to break into smaller pieces as needed.  As far as the dogs go, you know we don't have any picky eaters here.  However, everyone, including Penny, thought these were tasty enough to nearly take my hand off for.  So, that's eight (?) thumbs up?  And they do contain chicken, turkey, lamb, and salmon so they should appeal to most pets no matter what their favorite meat is!  But with these multiple meats, among other ingredients they may not work for allergic or sensitive dogs.

But, in our house, it's one we would try again!

As always, available online. And they are reasonably priced compared to other high end treats. Enjoy!

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