Saturday, March 15, 2014

Catch up

Penny headed off to her new home this week. Here is a picture from her last night here-couldn't help but share one more!
This morning her new mom and dad picked her up and everyone is reportedly ecstatic about it. Another happy ending and beginning! 
Legend, Lyric and I have an agility trial next weekend. We have not done any agility since November and Legend has a chance to get her NATCH so maybe we need to practice this week! Wish us luck-we may need it. 

Despite intermittent, continued foot issues I decided to run the Shamrox 15k anyway today. My foot doesn't actually hurt while running. At least thus far it only  bothers me to walk. I'm not sure what that means, but I guess for now I'll keep running. 

We got to babysit his little guy last night while sissy went to urgent care. She's ok, just a minor scooter accident. 
Despite Lyric's help, after only 2 hours I don't think we are cut out for parenthood!
Living with an infant 24 hours a day seems much to stressful and exhausting! I will stick with puppies. 

This very beautiful and sweet cat is looking for a home. She has been living at the clinic for 4 months but no one is interested in her because she hides a lot and is 10 years old. But she's really loving if you spend time with her!

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Diana said...

Happy ending! What a lucky dog!